How to chat from hotmail with facebook friends

For those who have accounts on Hotmail and Facebook, you have the chance to chat from facebook just by starting session on Hotmail. You can learn more if you enter to this site: InsideHotmail, MSN y SkyDrive To chat from hotmail to facebook friends you must follow these steps: Enter to Hotmail account. On windows Live go to ¨Connect your services¨. Click on ¨Facebook¨. Be sure that checkbox ¨Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger¨ is able o…

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10 steps to Import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account

It might happen that you have more than one account on the most popular social services like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live, etc. Also it is very common that if you are a Hotmail user you need to import Facebook contacts to your Hotmail account. Here are 10 steps import facebook contacts to Hotmail. Follow this tutorial:  Access to Hotmail page Write your Windows Live ID or user name and password On your Hotmail inbox, go to ¨Options¨ on t…

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Update Facebook Messenger for iPhone

Facebook has announced a new update of Messenger for iPhone which brings new features like instant Exchange of photos and videos from windows chat. This new Facebook Messenger for iPhone is available for free download on iTunes store. Users have the chance to take a Photo with no need to exit chat window and also share the image with the contact online. All this process without leaving Facebook Messenger. Snapshot can´t be previewed before sendi…

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Link Facebook to Windows Live

Windows Live features are so many that also brings you the chance to connect it to Facebook. For that reason, you can´t miss this opportunity to have everything in one place. You can also link Windows Live with Twitter or Flickr. This tutorial is to teach you how to link a Windows Live account with Facebook in one place: Enter to your Hotmail account Go to the upper right corner of your screen and click on ¨Profile¨ On the left side bar, next to…

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Facebook Beta Update for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone platform includes more apks than ever. Recently we have seen many of them like Facebook beta one, now updated. The best thing about this update is that user´s requests have been heard. New features are included which means that Facebook for Windows Phone 8 lets users to label friends on the social network. It is also possible to attach images on sent messages. Another important feature is that you can upload many photos from the ph…

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Facebook app for Windows 8.1 update

Facebook app for Windows 8.1 has been update with new features and functions. The most popular free app for Windows can be downloaded. From the donwload page, users have the chance to upload and download files and photos from the profile app. New Facebook version for Windows 8.1 allows users to upload images  to an album and there are many improves on LiveTitles which include a way to add a secondary flange so users are redirected to the social…

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TimeRabbit. Control the time spent on Facebook

Many users have the option to enter to Facebook daily and spend most of their time checking recent commentaries of friends, labeled photos, etc. However, there may be many users who want to reduce the time they spend on Facebook so here´s TimeRabbit, a free app for Windows that lets you control the time spent on Facebook. TimeRabbit makes a close follow of local time user spends on the social network. The app also works even if Facebook is close…

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Facebook and Google Chats won´t work on announced that Facebook and Google chats won´t work on it´s platform. These messages services included on 2012 will leave the platform. Google wants to develop Hangout, therefore, can´t include Google Talk to it´s own chat. Facebook won´t give XMPP protocol, so Facebook chat will function until April 30th. Chats delete won´t affect accounts link, so users are still capable to manage Facebook and Gmail contacts. If  you ha…

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How to use Facebook Chat with ChatFlow

ChatFlowfor facebook is an interesting app you can use to enter to the social network chat, so you can avoid to open your browser and enter to your Facebook account. So  you can be always connected from your desktop and in touch about what´s going on with your friends and contacts. Also you can manage your contacts and even also create groups to keep prívate conversations. You can have many open chats at the same time using stamples. With the a…

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Skype 5.11 (beta) integrates Facebook and Messenger

…market. The most important features of Skype 5.11 beta are described below: ·       Skype 5.11 beta integrates Facebook and Messenger ·       Users can receive and send messages to MSN ·       Users can start session from Skype 5.11 ·       You can share messages with friends ·       You can receive and send messages from contacts ·       Skype 5.11 beta integrates also with Xbox and Hotmail. ·       Users can enter to Skype 5.11 fro…

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