Windows 8.1 free download

After a long wait and a preview launched by Microsoft a couple of months ago, finally, Windows 8.1 has arrived and users can enter to new tech of this popular version of OS Microsoft. Windows 8,1 is available free download only for those who have used windows 8 which means that new users must find a paid version. On this case, users can enter to the official web and download any of Windows 8,1 updates or Windows 8,1 Pro for 119,99 dol…

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Nimbuzz Messenger for Windows Phone 8

Nimbuzz Messenger is a free messageing app for Windows Phone 8 which allows sending messages through chat. Users can also share media files and being in touch with many people using services like Facebook, Gtalk, etc. Nimbuzz Messenger is available also for Android and iOS devices. There´s also a version of Nimbuzz Messenger for PC and Mac. This new version of Nimbuzz Messeneger for Windows Phone 8 is more effective and faster than previous on…

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FileMenu Tools. Custom my Windows 8 Main Menu

FileMenu Tools lets you modify many aspects of Main Menu so when you right click on your mouse over the desk, this menu shows the complete access to programs, folders of files you most use. FileMenu Tools also allows you to add commands, a submenu or move an element. FileMenu Tools lets you sync Windows folders and also rename many files at the same time, just by selecting them. There´s also an option that lets you delete a file or folder with…

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Happy Retirement for Windows XP

…is not out of the list especially for the reason of the Start button. According to Net Applications statistics, Windows XP is still current on more than 37% of pc in the world. This means that the company must do more to achieve users to update to Windows 7 or Windows 8. In fact, company has announced that the main aim is to achieve a 10% of Windows XP users by this year. Incoming search terms: windows 8 1 play to missing can not syns with iphon…

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How to setup ringtones on Windows Phone

If you have Windows Phone you can modify your calling tones so you can personalize your contacts. You can know who is calling by the ringtone you previously set up. How to Change contact ringtone: Click on ¨Start¨ and go to ¨Contacts¨. Select ¨All¨and then choose the contact you want to modify the ringtone. Click on ¨Edit¨ and then on ¨Tone¨.  Now you don´t have to choose the new tone to asign to the contact. How to Change any other rington…

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Password Recovery Bundle: Apk to recover all my passwords in Windows

…tions of this apk: Standard, Professional and Enterprice. Each one can be downloaded as a shareware. However, to access to main features, it is necessary to download the paid edition which costs from U$s 29.95 to U$s 79.95. This is a tool you can use to ensure recovery of Windows passwords. Download Password Recovery Bundle Incoming search terms: set up email on windows 8 1 tablet android browser password recovery hotmail apk wassup windows 7 Rec…

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Windows to go. Windows 8 runs from a USB device

…This new function is especially designed for proffessionals that need to recover their files in a few seconds. Windows 8 is capable of creating a desk copy and in a couple of minutes you can always take with you your best memories and files. Windows 8 has central functions that are compatible with Hotmail. Via: iniciar sesion hotmail Incoming search terms: delete email account windows 8 1 where ahs the shared folder gone in windows 8 1 skydr…

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Ultraedit. Text editor for Windows

Ultraedit is one of the most popular text editor for Windows. You can pick the theme you want and then you can also change this option from a View flange with tool bars that incluye original editor design. Main interface of the app gives access to key functions, however users can create their own command secuencies to run another app function. Users can also view the results online. You can write HTML code and then see the results of work on th…

ibrowse Transfer iPhone files to Windows

Managing files on iPhone or Ipad through iTunes has always been very complex on many occations. Many steps must be followed and users finish to give up their attemps. But fortunatelly, there are many choices like iBrowse, a free app that manages and transfers files from iPhone to a PC with Windows. ibrowse let users transfer their files to a device in a short time and also they can explore and browse through different folders. Also and thanks t…

PNotes. Adhesive notes for Windows desk

…es. PNotes is very simple to use. Just create a note and click on the adhesive note icon which is placed on the Windows tasks bar. An adhesive note will appear on the screen. Then write the text or paste it on the clipboard , even the app offers options to modify the format like text align, colour, bullets, cross out, etc. There are also options to adjust the level of transparencies and the chance to setup keys for a faster access. You can also…

Zero Install. Using Windows programs with no installing

Many users don´t like to download software or Internet apks, especially because they don´t like installing process. To avoid this, there´s an apk called Zero Install which allows you to use Windows programs with no installing on the system. With Zero Install users can enjoy softwares from the web with no need to be installed . Zero Install stores the soft when it is downloaded for the first time from the web and executes it from the cache memor…

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