Bing launches version on HTML5

Last night was officially announced the Bing HTML5 launching on USA. As usual, changes design at midnight. American users will be the first on have a special treatment with Microsoft browser. Bing USA will incluye new apps like the capability of connecting with browsers that support HTML5 technology. The Bing Press Chief, Stephanie Horstamshof explains: ¨What we can say, each specification of Bing HTML5 are acti…

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Microsoft updates Bing for iOS

After an announcement of Bing logo and a new design on it´s browse page, Microsoft has launched a new version of Bing for iOS in which many features have been included. Joining iOS 7 launching, and iPhone devices, new update brings 4 new tiles that have been added to the main page of Bing browser. Two of them are related to tendences on the browser allowing users to find lattest news and images. A new tile will help users to find business and on…

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New Bing Maps Functions

Now, Bing users will find new and better functions to plan the routes and share information with friends. On the Bing´s official Blog, there are two new features that you can find on the browser page. One of them, lets you search for an independent new route from a cellphone, tablet PC or GPS device. Meanwhile, the other Bing Maps function consists on ¨Share¨. Now you can step on the down left corner of Bing´s page and see that above modify…

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Bing Translate joins eBay

Microsoft has launched a new translate service for Facebook sites. Now Bing Translate joins eBay, the popular site of purchase and selling. Bing translate will be able on the site so users that are not from the place of the product or service can read what is being offering. Nowadays API offers support for 37 languages. Bing´s API translate offers an on line text translation, and it also has a language detection tool that works in an auto m…

Outlook Sign In

…by users for the reason that they could manage their mail accounts with no need to enter to a web page. Lattest update was on 2010 but under the name of Windows Live Mail. Nowadays, Outlook introduces to the market as Hotmail replacement. Many rumours were born about the reasons of a name changing but Microsoft wants to give a new face to the old Hotmail. To Oultlook Sign In, just be sure to have an account. If you don´t have one, he…

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Bing Travel Beta for Windows Phone

New apks are available for Windows Phone. Microsoft has launched Bing Travel Beta, a new apk with interesting features:     New user´s interface updated     Easy Browsing and webbing     Users can arrange a trip for the weekend    Ride news with photos and most beautiful sights    Prices and fly charges. Chance to filter results    Time schedules of departures and arrivals in different airports     Function to find cities and important places…

How to send an email on

…ail but it is faster and friendly. Enjoy!! and read this following tips we show about how to send an email on Send an email is the main task of a mail client platform. So Microsoft focused on that and created a powerful and simple platform with new tech. The result: mail service. How to send an email on is very simple Go to the upper bar and press ¨New¨ A big area to create a text is shown. Write…

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How to Download images in Outlook email

Settings can be modified so you can download blocked content in your Outlook email. There are two process to download images in Outlook email: The long one: Go to File Select Options Select Trust Center (Outlook 2010) Click on Tools Click on ¨Trust Center¨ (Outlook 2007) The short one: Right click on the text of the Infobar of your head message (under the sender and subject). Change the automatic download options Images and advertiser´s con…

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