5 apps to manage Twitter from Windows

…re always looking for new tools to enter to publication platform. Many apps let you manage Twitter accounts from Windows desk with no need to log in session on the official page. Here are 5 apps to manage Twitter from Windows: Tweetdeck: It´s a desk client for Twitter which offers simplicity to users. For many people, this is the best app to manage many Twitter accounts. It´s an app designed with a user´s interface based on columns that includ…

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Lenovo will offer Pokki Start Menu on PC´s with Windows 8

Recently, the company who developed Pokki apk which installs Start Menu on Windows 8, has announced an agreement with Lenovo to give a pre installed softw with Pokki. As you may remember, one of the most important critics to Windows 8 is the lack of tradicional Start Menu. For that reason, many companies will launch their own apps so the feature will appear on the system. Among these companies we can mention SweetLabs, who created Pokki. It is…

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Fast Text. Sending instant messages on Windows Phone

WhatsApp, Line, Wechat etc are the most common messaging services. Windows Phone users have an apk named Fast Text which lets sending text messages with default templates. This means that anytime users want to send an SMS, they can upload one of these templates, short messages, add a signature or send the message quickly. Fast Text is a very popular apk and users can define a start template for windows phone so they can send an sms with no need…

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ES File Explorer. Share Files between Android and Windows

It is very common that many Windows users own an Android Smartphone. So, there are millions of cases in which Android and Windows must be shared with no need to use an USB cable. Here´s a powerful app named ES File Explorer that lets you do that: ES File Explorer is one of the best file managers that the platform has. Many functions like LAN support, makes possible to share files between Android and Windows. Here´s a tutorial to install and use…

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SpyGlass, Hard Disk validator for Windows

SpyGlass is a free apk for Windows which works as a hard disk validator with a visual graphic. Additional options like deleting spams, double files and the chance of changing quick between different directories are featured in this apk for Windows. Using the program to validate hard disk on Windows is very easy, just leave a folder you want to validate on the apk interface. Then, the process starts through each file and folders of the selected…

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Five free apps for Windows 8

Although windows 8 hasn´t the agreement of the market as it was supposed to, there are many users enjoying this OS Among many available apps, here´s a top 5 of them: Spotify: This is a streaming music service, and here´s Spotify for Windows 8 which can be used on the desktop. App includes a search monitor with songs reviews and also you can know the music your friends are listening to. Skype: You can use as a desktop app and users can make cal…

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Hiddex hides any apk or program on Windows

…teresting way to avoid other people watch whatever you are doing is Hiddex apk which hides any program or app on Windows using the mouse or keyboard. Hiddex hides any Windows, document, media player, web browser and more with no need to close the windows already opened. Hiddex also hides tasks bar which means that access is denyed and apks can´t be opened. Just a click from the mouse or key combination to hide or restore a window so it can´t be…

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Album Flow. Music App for Windows 8

There are many music players apps for Windows 7 and Windows XP, however, there are not so many for Windows 8. Here´s Album Flow, which is a music player for Windows 8 with some interesting features. One of the most important differences is the auto recognition music files. The app only plays music located on music folder of the OS. Album Flow also previews push notifications of songs that are already playing on the screen. User´s interface is a…

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Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

Fresh Paint apk was launched in the times Microsoft was introuducing beta version of Windows 8. It´s about a digital drawing apk and also a paint tool which had received good reviews. Recently, the company has launched a Fresh Paint version for Windows Phone 8 which is now available to download. According companie´s reports, this apk for Windows Phone 8 has many features and functions of current version for Windows 8. In fact you have the same…

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Facebook Beta Update for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone platform includes more apks than ever. Recently we have seen many of them like Facebook beta one, now updated. The best thing about this update is that user´s requests have been heard. New features are included which means that Facebook for Windows Phone 8 lets users to label friends on the social network. It is also possible to attach images on sent messages. Another important feature is that you can upload many photos from the p…

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