Google announced support for Windows XP till 2015

Google announced that support for Windows XP will expire on 2015. So oficial announcement of the end of Microsoft support is a year before than Google support. According to an article from Google web page, Google Chrome users who still enjoy Windows XP as also many companies must migrate by April 2015. Google says that XP users who enjoy Google Chrome will be able to migrate without any complications. So Chrome for Windows XP will con…

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Windows 8.1 update changes start screen

Recent reports say that Windows 8.1 update will be able next March, however, many details have been revealed. Tasks bar and modern apks are included on new Windows 8.1 version. Next Windows 8.1 will bring changes on start screen. On this current version, users have to click on the start screen flange so they can see menu bar on the lower side of the screen, however, many snap screen are displayed as a different action. This changes on the start…

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Facebook Beta Update for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone platform includes more apks than ever. Recently we have seen many of them like Facebook beta one, now updated. The best thing about this update is that user´s requests have been heard. New features are included which means that Facebook for Windows Phone 8 lets users to label friends on the social network. It is also possible to attach images on sent messages. Another important feature is that you can upload many photos from the p…

Xbox Music Update for Windows 8.1

Microsoft has available since a couple of weeks, preview of Windows 8.1 although lattest version is not already finished. However, the company has added updates for important apks on the system. One of them is Xbox Music apk which recently has received a new update for Windows 8.1. In fact, with this new update, beta version is left behind and new edition now is part of the system. Features included are related to brwsing improves and many user…

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Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

Fresh Paint apk was launched in the times Microsoft was introuducing beta version of Windows 8. It´s about a digital drawing apk and also a paint tool which had received good reviews. Recently, the company has launched a Fresh Paint version for Windows Phone 8 which is now available to download. According companie´s reports, this apk for Windows Phone 8 has many features and functions of current version for Windows 8. In fact you have the same…

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New smartphones with Windows Phone

Smartphones with Windows Phone are very popular. ZTE announced that on the short term, new devices will be launched with this OS.  XOLO also confirmed on December that is developing phones with Windows Phone and Tablets with Windows. Micromax also revealed future plans to be launched next Julio. Micromax is one of the most important companies in India with 25% of market share. Therefore, two of the most important companies in India have announ…

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Update WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Whatapp, one of the most popular apk of instant messaging is consumed by million users on the main mobile os. Recently, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been updated with huge improvements demanded by users. One of the most important aspects is music play won´t be affected each time you receive a WhatsApp message. Notifications and messages now work properly which means that there are no more delays on messages and reception of notifications. Bat…

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Skype Details for Windows 8.1

Next October 18 th is confirmed new update of Windows 8,1 which was already announced by Microsoft. It is also known that many apps will be added to the OS and one of them would be Skype replacing Messenger once the system update is run. According to an article on official Skype Blog, Microsoft revealed new details of this app and the most important are the chance that users can call to a phone number displayed on a web page on Explorer 11. Sk…

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Top 5 free games for Windows

Windows brings the chance to play pc games with no need to be connected to Internet. This OS have passed many historic games which were only available for videogame stations but now you can play them from your PC. Top 5 free games for Windows are: Flight Gear: This is one of the basic games for Windows. You can use a flight Simulator as if you were a pilot. There are real landscapes, modern planes and combat ones. Alien Arena 2011: A first pers…

Revo Uninstaller: How to uninstall windows programes

…n all the programes you don´t use, you can download Revo Uninstaller. This soft lets you uninstall programes in Windows. Once you run Revo Uninstaller, a list is displayed with all the programes and apks that you had run. To delete a program, just click on the right button of your mouse and select ¨Uninstall¨ from the main menu. Revo Uninstaller creates a restore point with the backup of Windows file. This action is by default and runs every tim…

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Download 8Stack Launcher for Windows 8

Apks launchers are excelent Choice to access to common programes and files. On Windows 8 these Tools are very useful especially for user´s interface. 8Stack shows as a modern lancer of apks on Windows 8 using system interface. It is very important to mention that this apk has no many custom options, Truth is that only incorporates a defined group of programs like CCleaner, Firefox, PhotoShop and many others. One of the most important advantages…

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What is Windows News Center

…pany field. Any news about beta systems, working projects, company future, etc will be publised on this site. Windows News Center is the official web site of Microsoft´s work. If you are interested in the lattest news about Microsoft´s products, don´t hesitate to visit this page. To do that, just enter to g oto news by clicking on the link ¨watch lattest microsoft´s news¨, and you can enter to Windows News Center. The page…