Windows Phone over Europe

Not so long ago, Microsoft announced that OS Windows Phone Mobile was the second most used system for Smartphones on Latin America. However, a recent report, says that the platform is also wide openning on 5 different markets of Europe, which means that the participation as an alternative of other Mobile OS has been increased. Kantar Worldpanel is the name of the company in charge of making this research, and it found out that Windows…

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Windows XP loses Market

Microsoft is making a huge effort for leaving Windows XP as OS. Net Apps reveals that Windows XP has lost more than 2% just in a month. Next 8th April, security patchs and updates will stop being sent. Windows XP has lost more than 6% on the last two months with 31.415 Market piece, very lower than 33.66% of last August. Windows 8 is in tirad position with 8.02% compared to 7.41 on August. Windows 8.1, which just appeared as a beta version, rea…

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Microsoft updates Windows Store

Microsoft has announced a new interface of Windows Store, available with new features focused on searching functions. New Windows Store has a browsing bar which allow users to enter to main categories, app lists, payment ones and user´s account section. Users can find grouped apps on different categories, including ¨Music Lovers¨, ¨News¨ . Users can also find apps for Windows 8 and run them on Windows 8,1 or Windows Phone ones. This means that…

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Download Files. App to manage files on Windows Phone

Microsoft has announced that Files app is available on app store for users with Smartphones that work on Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone didn´t have a file manager so users needed to manage content from thirds. Luckily, Micrsoft listened to the crowd and now you have a new app to manage your files on Windows Phone. With Files you can enter to the content of your external card, move data from a folder to another, with no need to connect to the…

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How to delete Search History on Windows 8

A search History is always made on Windows 8 so users can get easier to different pages on future sessions. But sometimes happens that you want to avoid others to know where have you been on internet or what pages have you visited. Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to delete Search History on Windows 8. Enter to the bar by click on Win+C or move the cursor to the buttom right corner of the screen. Select ¨Setup¨ on the lower side of the…

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Windows Phone averages 10% of European Market

Windows Phone is always growing up, especially on Nokia Lumia Smartphones. Windows Phone has reached more than 10% of European Market. According to Kantar World Report, Windows Phone  averages 10% of European Market: Spain, Germany, UK, France and Italy. Company also reveals that platform in Italy reached 16,1% over iOS Apple. Nokia Smartphones are the reason of this phenomenon. In UK, almost 75% of Nokia smartphones sells come from Lumia 520 o…

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How to add Windows Calc on Excel

Windows Calc is a very useful tool. The chance to add Windows calc on Excel makes users to enter quick to different functions with no need to quit the app. Here are the steps to add Windows calc on Excel: Open an Excel doc and look for the arrow on the upper left corner, then enter to the quick Tools. Select the option ¨More commands¨ from the menu and a special box is displayed. Select ¨Not on tape commands¨ Click on ¨Add¨ The calc appears on…

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Anvi OneStart. Option for Windows Start Menu

Windows 8 has many regrets refering to the tradicional start menu. It hasn´t been included but Microsoft reconsidered and announced that will bring back this element on Windows 8.1. For that reason, external apps are suplying this failure. Anvi OneStart is an example for Windows 8 Start Menu. This program is a replace of Windows 8 Start Menu, however, it also has the chance to setup the start screen on the desk to minimize it on the bottom left…

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New VLC images for Windows 8

We have talked before about screen snaps where VLC features for Windows 8 are displayed. Developers have shown new VLC images for Windows 8 which include snap. These new images where placed on the site where the Project was finnanced for Windows 8. New Snap function also revealed new codes for those who want to develop the apk. According to VideoLAN, developers expect that the apk can place on the Windows apks store next week. New screen snaps…

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Microsoft launches IE11 preview for Windows 7

Microsoft has launched a preview of IE11 for Windows 7. The soft is available for free but you need SP1 to install it. Internet Explorer 11 adds many functions and features focused to improve the experience of users when they access on Internet. One of the most important aspects is that system resources are not affected by use. Microsoft browser includes Windows 8.1 but now is currently available through Windows an update for Windows 7. It is i…

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Dell confirms that Windows 8 Apps will run on Xbox One

Previously, Microsoft had announced that apps for Windows 8 could be run on next Xbox One, however, there was nothing else said about features of ways developers would achieve this. Dell seems to confirm that Windows 8 Apps will run on Xbox One. Dell manufacturer also published a list with of features of the station, including an image of Windows 8 system and also a Smartphone with Windows Phone 8 and a Tablet that might be Dell Latitud 10 whic…

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