How to create a Calendar on

…e on Hotmail and now you can create different calendars to manage your appointments This tutorial shows you how to create a Calendar on   Start session Once you are on Outlook mail you can display options which are pasted to logo on the upper left side of the screen. Select ¨Calendar¨ and there you can upload events. To create a new calendar, you must place on the left side bar and click on ¨ Add a new Calen…

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Holiday dates on Hotmail Calendar

Hotmail calendar or Windows Live are useful tools to keep an organized agenda. Using Calendar on the Cloud you can have an organized list of dates and birthdays of your contacts or companies clients. Otherwise calendar offers more sync options with other agendas and also with Windows and Microsoft like Outlook and Outlook Express. You can also add Holiday Dates to Hotmail Calendar considering country and language. You go to Microsoft page and…

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Creating an Calendar

Now you can create an calendar as you used to do it on your old Hotmail account as well. gives you the chance to create many calendars for different activities or special occations. For example birthdays, special dates to remember, anniversaries, schedules, work calendars, romantic dates, etc. Just follow these steps to create an calendar: Sign up On inbox, click on the arrow that say…

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How to Program Hotmail Calendar

…iles on line from your Hotmail inbox · E mails recognition · E mails managment · Hotmail Calendar Speaking of Hotmail Calendar, we can say that it´s a powerful tool that allows you to: · Edit information · Add new contacts · Schedule activities · Schedule meetings · Schedule your working day To use Hotmail Calendar you need to follow these steps: · Start a Ho…

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10 steps to manage Hotmail Calendar and Pending Tasks

…anage Calendar and Pending tasks Enter to your hotmail account with your name and password On the main page, go to Windows Live logo on the upper left corner A list will be displayed . Click on ¨All the services¨ A new page will be shown on which you should click on ¨Calendar¨ A calendar will appear so you can change the view to monthly, weekly, or just show pendent tasks or events To add an event go to ¨Pendent Tasks¨ A slide will appear saying…

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Windows Live Mobile: Adding a phone number on Hotmail

…hone company. Now you can enjoy Windows Mobile wherever you are. This service also has this features: Lets you to send more messages Allows  publishing  comments With Windows Live Mobile you can recover your password If you have any other service added to your Hotmail account like Facebook, social updates will arrive via SMS to your cellphone. Via: Incoming search terms: Add New Hotmail Account Share Outlook 2013 Calendar Wi…

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Disable Adware on Messenger Plus Live

…ation programs like MSN Plus live. However, there are many anti-adware or spyware that are really know in order to be downloaded and avoid this kind of advertisements. Here is a tutorial to disable this adware programs: If you have Windows XP, go to the option ¨Take or add programs on your Control Panel¨ If you have Windows Vista, go to ¨Programs or Features¨ Once you did this, select ¨Messenger Plus Live & Support¨ On this option yo…

10 steps to Delete a Hotmail Calendar

Here are the steps to delete a Hotmail Calendar. If you have more than one Hotmail Calendar and don´t use many of them, you can select which ones are going to be deleted. Just follow this tutorial to delete a Calendar on Hotmail. Enter your name and password to access to your Hotmail Account Go to ¨Hotmail¨ on the top of your display. Go to ¨Calendar¨ Choose from the Calendars List which is going to be deleted New screen to setup a Calendar is…

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Windows Live Gallery Has Been Removed

…removed last days. A site that worked as a storage of Images, gadgets, emoticons, videos and plugins for Windows Live Messenger, has already left the web planet. Nowadays, if you try to enter to you will see the message that the Windows Live Photo Gallery has been removed. In replace, you are invited to enter to Windows Live Developer Preview. There, you need a bit of previous experience on apps creation and also a space…

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Add an image to your Hotmail signature

…ptions / Personal Signature. A window will be opened. To add an image just click on the previous one and take it to the signature window. Now you can edit or move the image just by clicking on it again. You can add as many images you want. Once the images are edited, click on Save and you will have your Windows Live Hotmail signature different from the others. Incoming search terms: skydive hotmail add live com calendar to outlook hotmail co uka…

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10 steps to Publish a Hotmail Calendar

If you are a Hotmail user, you have the chance to select a Calendar and complete it with your tasks and news you want to be published to all the people or the ones you select from your contact list. It is very important to follow these 10 steps to publish a Hotmail calendar in order to keep privacy of it when you want to be known by a group of people. However, you have the chance to publish a Hotmail Calendar for public knowledge. Follow these…

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