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How to delete Search History on Windows 8

A search History is always made on Windows 8 so users can get easier to different pages on future sessions. But sometimes happens that you want to avoid others to know where have you been on internet or what pages have you visited.


Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to delete Search History on Windows 8.

  1. Enter to the bar by click on Win+C or move the cursor to the buttom right corner of the screen.

  2. Select ¨Setup¨ on the lower side of the bar.

  3. Many setup options are displayed on the panel. Select ¨Change PC adjusts¨

  4. A new page is shown up. Select ¨Search¨.

  5. Many options are displayed and you must select the one that lets you delete on the search history of Windows 8. Click each file you want to delete.

You can also setup the way that searches are displayed from apks and also change if you want Windows 8 keep saving search history again.

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How to use many Skype accounts at the same time

Skype official version allow us to connect with many accounts of Skype at the same time. Here are the steps:

  1. You might have many Skype accounts for different uses like job, friends, family, studies, friends, etc.
  2. Go to SkyMI which is an apk like A-Patch or similar. This apk allow us to connect with many Windows Live Messenger accounts at the same time. It´s an apk with a very intuitive interface and easy to use. It works under OS Windows.
  3. With SkyMI you can open any Skype account on different windows so you can start session on any of them in an independent way.
  4. If you setup the incoming data  of your SkyMI accounts you can start automatically any time you enter to the program with no need to be entering your data like passwords.
  5. You can also create a master password to protect your SkyMI accounts. This is a free process an it occupies a little space (less than 1Mb). You can also install it on a pendrive and carry it always with you wherever you go.

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