Hiddex hides any apk or program on Windows

Many users work with very important data related with finnacial details, personal Communications or confidencial data. This information is always very cared for these users so they want it private. One interesting way to avoid other people watch whatever you are doing is Hiddex apk which hides any program or app on Windows using the mouse or keyboard.


Hiddex hides any Windows, document, media player, web browser and more with no need to close the windows already opened. Hiddex also hides tasks bar which means that access is denyed and apks can´t be opened.

Just a click from the mouse or key combination to hide or restore a window so it can´t be discovered that the window has been hided. When Hiddex is run for the first time, a panel is shown for Windows that will be hided and everything you need is to double click over it to add to the lower pannel .

From this window you can enter the type of program or service you want to hide and also you can setup the key combination and the way the mouse will be used to hide windows: for example by a click or moving the mouse over a desk corner.

Via: dejavu.narod.ru


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USBDreview. USB devices connected to my PC

Usb memories are very useful if you have a pc with USB port. Although it has their advantages, also means that anyone who gets into your pc can connect usb devices and copy all the information.


If you want to know if your pc has been connected to usb devices, one of the best choices is USBDreview. This is a free apk for windows which also let the user to view all USB devices already connected to their pc.

USBDreview also gives the option to enter to a history of all the usb devices that have been connected previously. If the case is a standard USB memory, a Smartphone or any other device, the program will register it at the moment.

Among many details or information revealed on USBDreview, we can highlight: the usb device description, the connection status, serial number, kind of device, date and time that it was connected to the PC, version of used controller, etc. Also USBDreview offers an option to disable all USB devices which are connected and even change the letter of the unit.

USBDreview can create a file on HTML format with all connected USB devices to the pc, which is very useful in case you want to check if any of of them was connected to the pc when the user was absent.

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Lenovo will offer Pokki Start Menu on PC´s with Windows 8

Recently, the company who developed Pokki apk which installs Start Menu on Windows 8, has announced an agreement with Lenovo to give a pre installed softw with Pokki.


As you may remember, one of the most important critics to Windows 8 is the lack of tradicional Start Menu. For that reason, many companies will launch their own apps so the feature will appear on the system. Among these companies we can mention SweetLabs, who created Pokki.

It is important to mention that this has been done also in the past with Acer, which means that Pokki app will come preinstalled on every Windows 8 PC . Sweet Labs also announced that Pokki app store includes desk apps and also Windows Store apps. Also are available desk apps for Facebook, Gmail and Twitter.

Last but not least, the company will be improving language support for the app, adding chinesse, italian, norwegian, german, and Spanish from Spain and from LatinAmerica. Portuguese is also another added language.

Nowadays, Pokki is available not only for Windows 8 but also for Windows XP and Windows 7.

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YouTube choices for Windows Phone 8

After Google rejected new YouTube apk for Windows Phone, users have not many options to access to this kind of visual content. However, there are many apks that can be run with certain limits, so we can consider them as YouTube choices for Windows Phone 8 users.

YouTube Windows Phone 8 Screens

MyTube:  This is one of the most popular apks on Windows Phone because it has a user´s interface on the same apk which means that anything can be done with no need to stop video playing. Recent update has been added with support for more languages. Also automatic play of the videos has been incorporated.

MetroTube: This is one of the best ranked apk which features a modern user´s interface and also the chance to play with no connection to Internet. You can watch videos any time.

TubePro: It is another YouTube choice with many features that include video download for later view and the chance of getting TubePro for free from the app store.

In any case, meanwhile it is considered if an official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 will exist, alternatives or choices must be known. Even though, the total amount of features that YouTube has are very difficult to achieve, users would be very surprised with these choices to play videos.

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Xbox Music Update for Windows 8.1

Microsoft has available since a couple of weeks, preview of Windows 8.1 although lattest version is not already finished. However, the company has added updates for important apks on the system. One of them is Xbox Music apk which recently has received a new update for Windows 8.1.


In fact, with this new update, beta version is left behind and new edition now is part of the system. Features included are related to brwsing improves and many user´s interface elements which according to Microsoft will make a better experience for users of this apk.

Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 offers a play bar control which is visible any time so users can play, pause and forward songs in an easier way. Apk also has a better sight support 50:50 and the running execution has also been improved so you can open it easier from the searching pannel.

You can also manage folders from musical library but this time straight from the apk. Many improves related with performance and most important corrections of previous mistakes have been introduced. The short term for Microsoft announces a launch date for Windows 8.1 on October of this year 2013 with the add of many apks like Xbox Music.

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Facebook Beta Update for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone platform includes more apks than ever. Recently we have seen many of them like Facebook beta one, now updated. The best thing about this update is that user´s requests have been heard.


New features are included which means that Facebook for Windows Phone 8 lets users to label friends on the social network. It is also possible to attach images on sent messages.

Another important feature is that you can upload many photos from the phone at the same time. Microsoft says that this new version of Facebook Beta for Windows Phone also offers many improves on social browsing and better performance.

For the moment, Facebook apk is only compatible with Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The apk is available from app store for free.

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ImBatch: Rename images at once

ImBatch is a process apk of images available on free download for OS windows. User´s interface allows to rename many pages at once. Also the apk offers options to convert, rotate and change images size by one operation.


Apk offers support for many images formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF, TGA, etc and also many plugins have been included so admited formats can be added. In fact, soft develper says that when all the plugins are installed, apk is capable of giving support for more than 100 images formats including RAW format used by digital still cameras.  Continue reading

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SpyGlass, Hard Disk validator for Windows

SpyGlass is a free apk for Windows which works as a hard disk validator with a visual graphic. Additional options like deleting spams, double files and the chance of changing quick between different directories are featured in this apk for Windows.


Using the program to validate hard disk on Windows is very easy, just leave a folder you want to validate on the apk interface. Then, the process starts through each file and folders of the selected directory.

After that, the apk will show us a list of every scanned element with a graphic that displays each validated file. As larger directories, more time will be requiered to show the results of the apk.  Continue reading

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Zero Install. Using Windows programs with no installing

Many users don´t like to download software or Internet apks, especially because they don´t like installing process. To avoid this, there´s an apk called Zero Install which allows you to use Windows programs with no installing on the system.


With Zero Install users can enjoy softwares from the web with no need to be installed . Zero Install stores the soft when it is downloaded for the first time from the web and executes it from the cache memory. In other words, it uses the URL address of the program and then runs it on the OS.

Users will be using software straight from their Internet sites. To use Zero Install it is necessary to download the program and install on the system like other soft. Once it is installed, the program gives access to a collection of softs and apks which you can use with no need to install them. Also if the user finds an apk that likes best, it can be added to a section named ¨My apks¨ which helps to execute it the next time you want to use.  Continue reading

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Skype for iOS offers 720p videocalls

Microsoft announced a new update for iOS Skype. New improves like the chance to make 720p video calls from iPhone 5 or iPad 4 are the most important. This resolution of 720p makes possible a better image quality of 1280 x 720 pixels.


Skype for iOS also brings an improve to send video messages. This involves a better sound quality and also a clearer standard for the calls. The code country selector is also improved and there has been many changes coming soon for NEW iOS 7.

This new update resembles the 4,10 version of iOS on Skype which is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and also iPod Touch from third to fifth generation. All announced features of Skype are focused on iOS, however Microsoft hasn´t revealed if any other mobile platforms will receive an update soon.

Skype developing team also published a video in which many questions have been answered for selected users who tested beta version of the apk.

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Youtube for Windows Phone

Microsoft announced a new version of YouTube apk for Windows Phone, however this was not compatible with Google service announce of Google video, Both companies commited to develop an apk for this OS. Recently, Microsoft announce that YouTube for Windows Phone was available.


This is a new version which includes support for devices that work with Windows Phone 7,5 and also has a compatibility with Windows Phone 8. It is interesting to say that Windows Phone description indicates that this is a Microsoft apk and has no relation with Google. However, Microsoft launched a report in which grates Google support to guarantee users to have a better experience in YouTube.

Youtube for Windows Phone features are:

  1. You can add videos and playlists

  2. search on Live Tiles

  3. manage video lists, play them

  4. Managing files and find channels and videos from the browse bar

  5. Share videos via social networks, mail messages and sms


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