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New has many options to custom your inbox so you must follow a setup process which is very simple. Here´s a common problem that many people have,  about the reception of many e-mails from unknown contacts. The solution is very simple: you have to block a contact on Just follow these steps:


Can you block a contact on The answer is very easy and positive. Spam also known as trash mail is a common example of blocking emails.  Here´s the  tutorial:

  1. To execute the block of contacts you must enter to your account by introducing your mail name and password
  2. With your opened session, go to ¨Setup¨ icon which is on the upper right corner of the screen and select ¨More setup options¨
  3. There, you can search and click on the option ¨Avoid trash mail¨ and then select ¨Safe and blocked senders¨.
  4. Select the option ¨Blocked senders¨ and add the mail addresses you want to block. That´s all.

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