TrueSwitch. How to import old Gmail messages

Now that you have setup Gmail to resend all your future messages to your account, might happen that you wish to import all your past and present messages.

true-switch offers a very simple method to do that with a free service called TrueSwitch. You can copy an entire mail in a free and easy way. We are saying ¨Copy¨, which means that you don´t delete your Gmail messages, just copy them on your account so you can manage.

To use it, just enter your Gmail address and password, then your address and password (TrueSwitch was originally designed to work on Hotmail and in fact, nowadays it refers to this service. However, it works very good with As you can watch on TrueSwitch options section, you can copy the addresses notes and calendar.

Keep in mind that you can take more than a day to import your entire mail. Fortunatelly, TrueSwitch keeps all the Gmail labels reffering to the appropriate folders.

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