Enter to SkyDrive from Outlook.com

About SkyDriveSkyDrive is a free storing space. It is online and for free, so you can save or storage any kind of information: photos, docs, etc and also make backups or edit Office files from your pc, smartphone or any other device, for free.


SkyDrive also offers the chance of sharing files which are very heavy when you want to send them. You can also create special permissions for privacy. SkyDrive works on Windows environment but also has compatibility with Apple OS X and Ios. With outlook.com from August 2012 you can use SkyDrive for Android and Windows Phone 8. DocuSign digital signature system and voice reader SoundGecko also incorporated SkyDrive, which adimits 106 languages.

Nowadays on SkyDrive you have 7GB of storing for free and you can enter from your Outlook.com account.

How to enter to SkyDrive from Outlook.com:

  1. Sign in Outlook.com
  2. On Outlook.com inbox click on the arrow that says ¨Outlook¨(Upper left corner of your screen) Select SkyDrive
  3. When you enter to SkyDrive main page you will find many options and folders you can manage like uploading or sharing photos or documents.

You don´t need to create a new SkyDrive account if you have already an outlook.com one.

Via: trucosoutlook.com

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Bye Bye MSN Messenger next 15th March

Next 15th March, Msn Messenger will disappear as Microsoft announced. This change has been announced from 2012 and all msn users must use Skype instead. So the question is how can you be updated with Microsoft´s services.


First of all: contacts on MSN, Live or Hotmail will be kept as originals. Just download the lattest Skype 6.0 version to continue with the service.

Skype 6.0 offers an interface that looks like an hybrid between MSN Messenger and older Skype. Contacts from both platforms appear on the left corner which also shows the status of current connection. You can select from making video or voice calls from each one.

New interface is designed with a similar style so users don´t have to spend a lot of time getting used to it.

A new web version of Outlook is also introduced by the company. This is a better choice for Hotmail users in order that they choose with no need to loose their messages or customs.

For those who haven´t tried Outlook on the web yet, you can do it by visiting Outlook.com and start session on Hotmail.

Outlook interface looks cleaner and works with animations when you delete mails, open one, etc.

New desk version of Outlook is compatible with Skype. So now you can do calls or send messages through Skype with just exploring Outlook contacts. This is a nice adjust  to make easier Microsoft´s services.

Another Microsoft´s tool is SkyDrive, an app that can be use don the web or download it to use it as a folder on the interface of your pc. Just move the files so they can be available at any time because this interface syncs with the cloud.

As Microsoft´s change of Microsoft Surface, there´s also the trade mark on most used products on the web with constat updates. Learning to use them could be very conveniente and does not incluye loosing information.

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How to Start session on Outlook.com

Outlook.com is on the market a long time by now. This Microsoft´s mail client is constantly expanding and being achieved by many users all over the world.. If you haven´t changed from your old Hotmail to the new Outlook.com, now it is the time to make it happen. Here are the steps to start session on Outlook.com in case you have adopted this new service or want to do it.


Just follow this tutorial to start session on Outlook.com:

  1. Enter from your browser to www.outlook.com
  2. Access your mail address and password
  3. Click on the blue button to finish

Once you did it you had entered to Outlook.com inbox.

You can enter to Outlook.com from a Smartphone or Tablet. Microsoft ensures that if you use Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox Live or Windows Phone you have already made a Microsoft account and you can start session straight.

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Creating an Outlook.com Calendar

Now you can create an Outlook.com calendar as you used to do it on your old Hotmail account as well.


Outlook.com gives you the chance to create many calendars for different activities or special occations. For example birthdays, special dates to remember, anniversaries, schedules, work calendars, romantic dates, etc.

Just follow these steps to create an Outlook.com calendar:

  1. Sign up Outlook.com
  2. On Outlook.com inbox, click on the arrow that says ¨Outlook¨ (upper left corner). Choose Calendar.
  3. When you enter to the main page of the calendar, a list of options are shown by default.
  4. Click on ¨Add a new Calendar¨. Now you must put a name on the calendar, color and description. Also you can custom it to receive Outlook.com  notifications sort by events.

You can have different previews using Outlook.com calendars: (days, weed, month, scedule and a special flap of pending tasks). You can also know about the  weather forecast of the next five days so you can do a better planning .

That´s all. Just  click on ¨Save¨


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How to Recover deleted messages on Outlook.com

Outlook.com has new tools like recover deleted messages. To recover deleted messages on outlook.com you just need to click on the deleted flange (left column).


Once you have done this step, go to

¨Lost a message?. When you recover deleted messages, we will recover you as many as we can. More Information¨

Outlook.com keeps deleted messages for a while. This can be a very useful especially when you accidentally delete very important e-mails

Via: trucosoutlook

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8 steps to Avoid Password steal on Outlook.com

It is probably you have changed your old hotmail account to the new Outlook.com Microsoft´s mail service. If you have done that, remember to change your Outlook.com password very often in order to keep your Outlook.com account safe.


You can program the duration of your Outlook.com password:

Here are 8 steps to avoid password steal on Outlook.com:

  1. Sign in Outlook.com. Enter to www.outlook.com

  2. Click on the gear icon

  3. Click on ¨More setup mail options¨

  4. On managing your account, click on ¨Details of the account¨ (password, addresses, time zone)

  5. A new window will show up. Enter your old password and then the new one.

  6. Again, repeat step number 5

  7. Before saving the changes, click on ¨Make me change the password each 96 days¨ for example.

  8. If you select this option, your password will be activated for 96 days. When the period is finished, Outlook.com will ask the user to change to a new password.

There are many programs created to make passwords and safe measures to avoid password robbery of your Outlook.com account.

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How to Setup an Outlook.com account on iPhone or iPad

Many Google´s Gmail features has new Outlook.com from Microsoft. Now you can enter to Outlook.com from any device even if you are an Apple user or have an iOS device including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is a tutorial that shows you how to enter and setup Outlook.com from your iOS device:


How to enter to Outlook.com from your iPhone or iPad usingthe web:

Desk version is available to enter to Outlook.com from any iOS device.

If you are using iPhone to enter to Outlook.com an alert is displayed telling you must update to lattest Safari. Just avoid this alert and click on ¨Continue¨.

How to access to Outlook.com on your iPhone or iPad with Mail app:

Web version is not the ideal one. The best thing to do is custom your Mail app. To do that just follow these steps:

  1. Enter to Adjustments

  2. Search for Mail, contacts, calendar

  3. Click on ¨Add an account¨

  4. Select ¨Hotmail¨

  5. Fill in the fields with your mail address and password

  6. To end, select the information you want to sync

With this tutorial, you have already setup your mail account.

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How to Add an image as signature on Outlook.com

Here´s a tutorial that explains how to add an image as signature on Outlook.com. Follow this tutorial and learn how to signate your messages on Outlook.com with a customed image:


 1)      Enter to Outlook.com

2)      Click on the gear icon of Custom your Outlook.com account

3)      Click on ¨More setup mail options¨

4)      Click on ¨Signature and source of Message¨

5)      Go to ¨Text…¨Click on the arrow and go to ¨Edit on HTML¨

6)      Now you must paste a code in  HTML format

7)      You need to upload an image to a server so you can get the image URL. Nowadays, many pages are able to do this process.

8)      When you have the url page,  paste it as we explained on step 6

9)      Click on ¨Edit on¨ and select from the menu ¨Enriched Text¨  now you can edit the image as signature

These images can be on different formats like ¨jpg¨, ¨gif¨ ¨png¨ etc

To finish the process you must save the changes and now you have a customed signature for your messages from Outlook.com mail service.

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