How to setup Hotmail on Android Phones

If you have aSmartphone with OS Android you can setup your Hotmail account so you can enter to it from your device, wherever you are.

You enter to your Smartphone menú and Access to the email icon. Once you are in, choose the option ¨Add accounts¨¨.
Enter your password and Hotmail account and you will enter on a section where you can define your account´s data. Enter these:
Server POP3:
Safe Connection POP3: No
POP3 Port: 995
Use SSL for POP3: Yes
Enter data for outcoming SMTP data:
SMTP Server: SMTP: yes
SMTP Autentication: Yes
SMTP password: (your current Hotmail password)
SMTP Port: 25
Using SSL for SMPT: Yes
Now you can use your Hotmail account from your OS Android Smartphone. You can also open Hotmail from tablets PC and e-books like Amazon Kindle Fire.

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