How to send photos on Hotmail with no attaching

When you send photos, you always make an attached file. Those files can be weight a lot, especially if you take features on HD. When you send attached files you should upload photos to a Hotmail server and then the receiver must download them.

Nowadays exist many sites where you can share photos and you can send them with no need to attach or create an attached file. Just send them with the link of the service you are using and that´s all.
Windows Live Photos and SkyDrive allow to share photos with a link.
These are the steps of send photos on Hotmail with not attaching:
1.      Enter to SkyDrive and go to this address:
2.      Start a Hotmail session
3.      Once you are on SkyDrive space click on ¨Add Files¨ to upload a photo
4.      Click on the uploaded photo and a preview will be opened. On the right side of the menu you will see Sharing options. You can click here to get new options.
5.      Click on ¨Share Link¨ and you will get a link which you can use to send by email different photos with no need of attaching them.

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