How to Create a new Hotmail folder

Our hotmail account allows  you to create and manage new folders so you can clasify mails in order to have an easier and faster access.

To create a new Hotmail folder just follow these stops:
1.      Start a Hotmail session
2.      Go to Hotmail inbox and go to ¨Folders¨ where by default you will find these folders: not desired mails, sent, erased and draft
3.      These are the default folders but you can create new ones
4.      Put the cursor on the ¨Folders¨ link and a wheel will appear
5.      Click over it  and a list will be shown with three options:  1) Manage folders, 2) Add a new folder and 3) Manage rules. If you click on ¨Add a new folder¨ you will enter to a screen where you can give a name to the new folder and also you can select the level where you want this new folder.
6.   Press Enter and the new folder will appear

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