Sharing calendars with iCalShare

If you have a hotmail account you have the chance of creating a series of calendars to use or share with your friends, relatives, etc. You can also authorize who has access to your calendars or even more, you can make them for public use. This is very interesting for companies cases and party rooms that can publish concerts on easy calendars to assist.
You can share calendars with an app named iCalShare. One of the things you should keep in mind when you want to share your calendars in a public way is that you must add it to a site so people know that already exists.
This app (iCalShare) allow us to upload our calendar and clasify it any time so people can be updated online.
This app is been working for 10 years, which is a prove that hotmail users really give importance to it.

Nowadays, iCalShare has thousands of published calendars so the next one should be yours. To use this app just enter to and open an account.

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