Add your cellphone to Hotmail and obtain more security

These are the benefits of adding your Hotmail Account on your cellphone. These following steps will teach you how to add your cellphone number on your Hotmail account:
  1. Sign your cellphone number: You will send a security code by sms. This measure contributes to erase trash mail. Hotmail won´t give any prívate data from his users to anyone.
  2. Benefits: Combat spam (Hotmail will know if there is a person behind a mail that belongs especially)
  3. You can receive cell alerts. You can setup Hotmail Mobile in a way that it will only notify you if there´s a new mail on your inbox or if a new contact added himself to your contact lists.
  4. New mails can be displayed straight from your inbox
  5. If your Smartphone allows you, you can edit attached documents . Thanks to Office Web Apps now you can watch, edit and even also print online files like Word Documents, Excel pages, etc.
  6. You can upload or download potos just from and to your Hotmail account.

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