Install programs on Windows 8

Very important to say is that the system has an app store, so installation of new programs can be made from that service. However, you can install programs from other sources. Just follow these steps:


Enter to the official web of the program and download it to your pc. We suggest to do this process on the desk, otherwise you can find the program on the download folder of the system.

Once you have the install file on the desk, click on it and then select the option ¨Run as manager¨. This is very important to do. Continue reading

Uninstall programs on Windows 8

Uninstall programs on Windows 8 is quite simple, however, start menu has disappeared. Here are the steps to uninstall programs on Windows 8:


  1. Go with your mouse to the upper left side of the screen where Windows logo is located. Right click on it.
  2. On the slide menú, click ¨Control Panel¨and there you will find a window where Program selection is activated. Select ¨Uninstall a program¨
  3. A list with all the current programs is displayed. Search for the one you want to uninstall on Windows 8 and click on ¨Uninstall¨.
  4. Wait till the uninstall process is done and then repeat it for another program.

5 apps to Display PDF docs on Windows

PDF docs have turned into a very safe and powerful way to publish information on the web. They have extreme security measures. Here are 5 apps to display PDF docs on Windows. They are free programs and have a user´s interface very nice and easy:


  1. Foxit Reader: This soft includes options to print, sign, edit or create complete docs. It has a similar tool as Office so users can enter to main functions.
  2. Adobe Reader: It´s a standard program for every tool and PDF doc. It has a paid and a free version. Free version is very complete and offers the chance to browse the doc, modify, edit, etc.
  3. Nitro PDF Reader: It supports more than 300 files format. You can also make comments of current files. Users can add a signature using a scan function named QuickSing.
  4. Sumatra PDF: This is a PDF reader and shows the doc online. It has a powerful user´s interface.
  5. Nuance PDF Reader: It includes a conversion tool. The user also can find the word or phrase searched. It works on Windows 8 and Windows XP as well.

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5 social networks apps for smartphones

Here´s a list of the most important social network apps for smartphones:


  1. Facebook: Official Facebook app must be included on the top of the social network platforms. Nowadays, the company has an app of exclusive messaging to chat with social users, however, Facebook is still famous for it´s news on the platform.
  2. Twitter: You can use Twitter on Android, Blackberry, Ios and Windows Phone. This version for smartphones comes with many interesting features that let users to know lattest tendencies on microblogging network. They can also update the status and publish tweets from their devices.
  3. Skype: Although it is not a social network app, it can fit here because there is communication between users. You can download Skype from anywhere and has the pro of making voicecalls and videocalls.
  4. Yelp: This is a web app of USA where costumers of bars, restaurants, and shoppings upload the reviews and critics so the community is always updated of entertainment news.
  5. Hullomail: It has a voice mail compatible with iPhone devices and Android smartphones. Users can preview messages before listening to them.

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5 apps for iOS iPad

iPad is one of the most popular tablets. Although the competence grows up every day, iPad is the most used portable device all over the world. It´s commonly used by students and employers. Here we share 5 apps for Ios iPad:


  1. Google Docs: Although Microsoft launched a version of Microsoft Office for iPad, Google Docs app is one of the most important apps on the market. It´s very used for those who need to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can edit docs online and also offers the chance to work without connection.
  2. Google Sheets: This app let users to create calc pages with no need to go to a Microsoft´s app. The app also offers the chance  to edit docs online, save info automatically and work with no need of connection.
  3. Fiddlewax Yellow: Music app for iPad. It works as a voice player online. You can also process effects and loops with no need to leave the app. Main features include the chance to create audio poliphones, simple interface, you can use your 10 fingers to improve the control, send creations to other apps or attach to an email. You can also work with up to 6 audio tracks.
  4. Fantastical 2 for iPad: This Ios app for iPad works as a calendar and has very nice design. The app Works with a text entrance and has iCloud, Google Calendar and Exchange support.
  5. Botanicula: This is an Ios game which offers the chance to explore more than 150 places all over the world. Amazing graphs and sound make this game one of the most popular Ios app all over the world.

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IceCream Screen Recorder

Programs to capture images or sabe on Windows screen are very popular. Here´s IceCream Screen Recorder to save the desk on Windows.


Main featues are:

  • It includes the option to select an area of the screen
  • You can draw and add arrows, joined by text and screen shots
  • You can save to have a video file
  • Save videogame scenes in HD
  • Save Skype videos
  • Change mic volumen connected to the pc
  • Change system sounds
  • Share all screen shots via mail or Skype
  • Send all the screen shots to the program server and then create an URL to share any image.
  • Hide the icons of the desk
  • Disable the screensaver
  • Learn about IceCream Screen Recorder by using the oficial web tutorial

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Top 5 best functions of Skype

Skype is a soft of instant messaging compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Also with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Skype offers an easy way to keep in touch with friends and relatives, also with job partners. Top 5 best functions of Skype include:


  1. Hidden emoticons: Skype emoticons are very easy to access, just click on the upper side of the window. However, there are many hidden emoticons that you can use on your chats. You just need to write a word or use a key combination.
  2. Share screen: This is very useful when you have a problem and you need a friend´s help. You can also share a PowerPoint presentation. Just select the contact and start a videocall. Then click on ¨+¨ on the task bar and select ¨Screen actions¨.
  3. Change the size ant type of source:  You can change them when you have sight troubles and wish a better size. In this case you need to click on Options from tool menu and then click on IM & SMS, then on Appearance IM and finally click on ¨Change letter type¨
  4. Share Skype contacts: You have the chance to share contacts with other friends. Enter to your contact list and select the contact or group of contacts. Then you move it to the window chat of the friend you want to share the contact.
  5. Change contact names: This is very useful to avoid confussions with contacts of similar names. Enter to Contacts and right click on the contact you wish to change the name. Click on : ¨Change Name¨. You have also  the option to do it from the contact icon on the addresses book.

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5 top free ringtone apps to create on windows

Many mobile apps allow to create ringtones from the cellphone. This is very useful so you can setup from your device. However, many users don´t have phones that support these kind of apps or they simple don´t like to install on the device. Here´s a list of 5 programs to create ringtones from windows.


  1. AVCWare Free Ringtone Maker: This app includes all the tools to create ringtones. It converts audio files on ringtones like MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, RA, OGG, AC3 and M4A.
  2. Free Ringtone Maker Platinum: Complete app to create ringtones on windows. Compatible with Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  3. AV RingtoneMAX: It inludes a complete user´s interface with support for voice tape, editor incorporated and also you can select the ringtone and add special effects.
  4. ToneShop: It´s a simple app but very useful. You can select the file format and also upload the music file to use. You can also setup the timelast of the ringtone.
  5. AVGO Free Ringtone Maker: It has a useful interface and you can edit audio files to create ringtones in a few seconds. It supports many audio formats and with simple steps you can create your own ringtone.

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5 web browsers for Windows Phone Mobiles

Windows Phone platform is growing up every day. Many interesting web browsers are available to give to your smartphone with Windows Phone the best performance. Here´s a top 5 of web browsers:


  1. Maxthon: It´s a web browser for mobiles available for Android phones. It offers speed links which means popular web sites of easy access. The app comes with a user´s interface which can be customed. A progress bar for loading page, fast access and a function that lets you improve the use of memory. You can also run many flanges of the browser with no need to affect the loading speed.
  2. UC Browser: One of the best web browsers for Windows Phone. It´s very famous for the speed to open pages as soon as you click. Main features include a desk mode, muliple flanges managment and options to setup themes and use them as backgrounds.

  3. Next Browser: It´s a paid version but it is worthless. The browser runs very fast and comes with a new user´s interface. There´s also an option to show lattest visited pages.

  4. Surfy: It´s a Windows Phone browser launched last year and has placed as an excelent option to browse on the web. It has a very good user´s interface, function to listen to the page you visit, enter to the reading mode, desk mode or use as private browser.
  5. SurfCube 3D Browser Free: This web browser for Windows Phone offers support for flanges browsing, HTML5, chance to share a page via email or social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Support for landscape mode or vertical one is also included. It also lets you block the view, support for desk mode, private browsing and also has a browsing mode that saves bandwith.

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Top 5. Programs to recover Windows files

Many times you can lose files of your hard drive. You must know that when you delete files from trashbox, it is possible to recover them using special tools designed for this task. The main thing to consider is the time you let pass since you deleted the file. Here are 5 programs to recover Windows files:


  1. Recuva: Most popular soft of this kind. You can recover different format files like text, images, videos, files, and also files stored and deleted coming from USB memories or card ones from digital cameras
  2. TestDisk: This is a program to recover Windows deleted files and has a graphic user´s interface. You can also recover parts of your hard drive and can be operated by command line.
  3. Paragon Rescue Kit: This program can recover deleted files on windows and also backup the information when a lost happens. The soft comes with a function that let resolve many problems from the boot process of the system. Users can be safe about information security.

  4. PhotoRec: This programs recovers deleted files of the hard drive including photos, videos, docs and general files. It´s a free soft and you can install it very easy. You can recover a hard drive which is damaged.

  5. Wise Data Recovery: Similar to previous ones. You can recover windows deleted files in many formats: texts, photos, docs, audio, video, etc. It also brings the chance to recover files from external devices like USB or cards.

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Microsoft updates Tablet Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announced an update of Tablet Surface Pro3. It adds many soft features and the company says that the aim is to improve the use capability. This update has been released and owners of Tablet Surface Pro3  can download it via Microsoft official web site.


These are the most important improves of Tablet Surface Pro3: Reduce on energy consume, Embedded Controller Firmware v. inluded. More battery autonomy. This update will let users to obtain a better performance of the device. Keyword appears and hides on proper times. Bluetooth and wifi control are also improved. Continue reading

5 password managers for Windows

Password managers are programs designed to make easier the starting process where you need a password to Access. They are tools that save passwords for different sites so users don´t need to write them each time you need to start session at any service. Here are 5 top password managers for Windows:


  1. Password Dragon: It´s a password manager compatible with Windows and also can be use don pc´s with Linux and Mac. It´s a free soft, easy to use and has Blowfishl encryp. It uses only one master password. Password Dragon can be used from an USB memory so you don´t need to install it on your hard drive.
  2. LastPast: This is also a popular password manager. You can download it for free and the data is protected by high standards of security. You can create safe passwords and store as many as you want.
  3. KeePass: Another great password manager for Windows. It also brings the option to store access data. Users can also block all the passwords using a master one, which means that if you want to enter to the complete information, just remember the master password.
  4. LockCrypt: It stores passwords, phone numbers, PIN, user´s personal information. The level of security is really high and it also brings a password producer. It is also available on Spanish.
  5. Password Safe: It´s a program to mantain safe all the passwords. Users can manage old passwords and then create new ones safer and stronger. They can store them and recover as well.

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