Microsoft Tablet Surface 2 for 349 dollars

Recently, Microsoft announced an offer for their fans. Tablet Surface 2 will be able on the market for 349 dollars. Very cheap, considering real price of 449 dollars. We don´t know exactly the reason that inspired Microsoft to reduce the price of it´s tablet that works with Windows 8.


The price is available according stock and we can highlight some of the most important features of Microsoft Tablet Surface 2:

  • Depth: 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 680 grs
  • OS Windows 8.1 RT
  • Soft: Microsoft Office 2013 RT
  • Internal store: 32 GB
  • Battery performance: up to 10 hours

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Photoline. Image editor for Windows

There are many programs and apps for Windows which edit images and custom them with many effects, filtres, frames, etc. However, new choices appear like Photoline image editor for Windows.


It´s a free app that comes with many features, tools and functions designed to image process. Photoline brings you the chance to import and work with many RAW formats which are very common on digital cameras including Casio, Panasonic, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, etc. Continue reading

Kazam Thunder 340W Smartphone

Another manufacturer that chose Microsoft mobile platform, has introduced a new Smartphone with Windows Phone named Kazam Thunder 340 W.


It´s a device that works with this OS and people can benefit by many features of Windows Phone 8.1. Many details have been revealded with this new phone with Windows Phone.

It´s a device that has a WVGA IPS LCD screen of 4 inches and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixeles. The mobile is made of 4 components and a processor speed of 1.2 Ghz. There´s also a RAM memory of 512 MB with internal storage of 4 GB.

Kazam Thunder 340W has a back camera of 5 mp and video rec of 720p. On the front side, there´s a VGA camera. It has support for Dual SIM and a comes with a battery of 1500 mAh.

The price will be below of 325 dollars.

ShadowFX. Soft to custom Windows 8

If you are looking for an app to custom Windows 8, Stardock utilities are highly recommended. In fact, developers for custom Windows announced a new tool named ShadowFX.


ShadowFX is a soft which let users to add shadows on the Windows and custom the system very easy. It also has many colours and sizes to add shadows and visual effects for the desk.

More than 12 kinds of shadows are available when the program is downloaded. According to Brad Wardell, Company CEO, ShadowFX let users to have many flanges opened but separatly one to another by a shadow.
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New Acer Tablets for Windows and Android

Acer has introduced two Tablets for Windows and Android. Acer Iconia Tab 8W which works with Windows 8,1 and Bing Browser and Tablet Acer Iconia One Tab 8 with Android 4,4 KitKat.


Both devices work with a 4 elements Intel Atom processor and have an LCD screen IPS of 8 inches. The resolution is 1280 x 800 p. They also come with front and back cameras and support for micro SD cards. Continue reading

Opera Mini Beta for Windows Phone

Recently, Microsoft announced web browser Opera Mini as a default browser on Nokia phones Series 30+, Series 40 and Nokia Asha instead of Nokia Xpress. Now, developers of Nokia Mini have confirmed that the browser will be also available for Windows Phone platform. Beta version is already to be downloaded.


According to Opera people, Beta Opera Mini version for Windows Phone can be downloaded from official web and then you must log in with a valid mail address. Then, users will be able to send commentaries about this browser for Windows Phone. Continue reading

Microsoft erases 2gb restriction files from OneDrive

Since Microsoft changed the cloud storage service from SkyDrive to OneDrive, the company has been launching many improves in order to increase the performance of this new space.


Recently, we noticed that Microsoft erased the 2 GB restriction for OneDrive files which forbidded users to sync files of that size.

The company announced this news saying that they had started to increase the limit on the files size that can be uploaded on OneDrive. Continue reading

Two steps to verify identity on offers many security tools. In this case, we introduce Two Steps verification process. This tool makes harder the performance of hackers who want to steal your password.


When you enter many times to your mail from a same pc, will recognize it as safe. When you enter from any pc, it will consider it as non safe and will ask you to enter an extra code after the password. Here´s a two steps tutorial to actívate verification: Continue reading

Plex. Multimedia online file manager

Plex is a web app that allows users to manage media files from any device on one place. It´s  an online service which offers a platform where users can manage and enter to media files already stored on devices with no need to copy them individually.


You just need to download Plex on a device and then manage all files like photos, videos, music and more.

Plex offers many features. It has a modern user´s interface which is very easy to use. Users can manage all media files like movies, tv programs, music library, photos, videos, etc, and also Plex adds descriptions, reports, disc covers, etc, all of them managed in a professional way. Continue reading

Find Drivers for unknown devices on Windows 8

One of the most common problems is updating drivers for devices and hardware on Windows 8. Although it has an automatic process, many times it happens that they can´t be found, so they don´t work properly. For that reason, we would like to give you some advice about finding drivers for unknown devices on Windows 8:


First thing you must do is enter to Windows devices manager, just click on Windows + x. Now you are at user´s manual, select ¨manage devices¨.

A new window will be opened and unknown devices will be show non ¨Other devices¨. Select the device you want and then right click on it to select ¨Properties¨. There you enter to properties window and then click on the ¨Details¨flange. Continue reading

3 Security Tips for Internet browsing

Internet is a space with a huge wide catalog of information. However, it is also a place where hackers try to get into your personal information and financial as well. Here are 3 security tips for internet browsing:


1.     Use two log in factors: Many mail services based on web like, Gmail, etc and Facebook, Twitter, etc, have two log in factors. This brings an additional protection to your accounts. Although accounts are already protected with passwords, they can be hacked. For that reason, a code sent to your cellphone is a suggested security measure to keep safe your contents.

2.     Use VPN: You can browse internet via a public wifi, but it is too dangerous. In fact, many programs are made for scanning traffic on this kind of networks. You must extreme your security measures by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) which controls current connections and encrypt them to turn more difficult hackers work.
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