How to improve storage on Windows Phone

First thing to consider when improving storage on windows phone smartphones is the current space. To know this info you must enter to your Windows Phone Setup where full memory will be displayed as also the used one.


Then you should start with a backup of all photos and videos already stored on the device. This will allow to be saved on OneDrive or your pc. If you have apps or games that you don´t use very often, we suggest you to unistall them. Apps which are not often used, usually consume RAM memory.

Then you should manage your music content selecting those songs you like most. You must know that many music files can be stored and played from OneDrive. Continue reading

Screenshoter. Capture images on windows Phone

Screenshoter lets you have an image of an element you wish to share with friends or for a tutorial or guide. In this case we introduce an app which brings you the chance to capture the screen just by a click of your mouse or pressing the Impr key.


Screenshoter is the name of this faboulus app and also lets you select an area of the screen or active window that you want to capture. You can also include the mouse on the capture or define the image format to be saved including PNG, JPG or BMP.

Screenshoter features gives you the chance to name the images after the capture, date or time, setup the quality of captured images, copy the capture to the trash and also enter to a compact mode that lets you minimize the app to the inbox system so you can execute it as a secondary element with no need to interfer with other tasks. Continue reading

Micrososft updates Windows Store for Windows 8.1

With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft also announces a new user´s interface for Windows Store on apps store to buy and download different products.


During the launch of Microsoft´s OS, new app store was also introduced. When user opens app store he can preview a new task bar with menu on the upper side of the screen. Top Charts, Collections, etc are available.

Microsoft wants users to enter very easy to different categories with no need to click on them. Microsoft reveals that new store has many recommended apps for each category.

Finally, Microsoft announces that Windows Store shows if an app is on sale and the price. The list includes the total time of the promotion and all news will be available when Windows 8.1 is launched.

New Skype features for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has revealed that a new version of Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 will be launched.  This version includes:


  •         Cortada digital assistant
  •         Chat via phone with Skype contacts
  •         New voice commanders related to Cortada
  •         Update a video conversation
  •          Enter to Skype from start screen or normal desk
  •          Chance to setup task bar
  •          New improves on user´s interface
  •          New window chat

New Skype version for Windows Phone 8.1 will be able on the short term. We are looking forward for this upgrade  and so Windows Phone 8.1 users as well.

Download Pocket File Manager for Windows Phone

For your operative system of your cellphone, it is very useful to count on with a file manager to enter and organize your folders and files on the device. In case of Windows Phone users, there´s an interesting app which works really good named Pocket File Manager.


As the name says, this is a file manager that let users to do an effective managment of the stored content of their smartphones. Pocket File Manager includes FTP support with active and pasive connections, auto downloads from YouTube, etc.

Pocket File Manager also includes support for file managment operations like Copy, Cut, Paste, files and folders. It also supports OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Box and Yandex. Pocket File Manager supports media library and also brings up the chance to explore the content of MicroSD cards. Continue reading

Nokia 3310 with Windows Phone and camera of 41MP

Nokia has launched a new smartphone. Nokia 3310 with Windows Phone and camera of 41 MP. It´s a device which combines design elements of 3310 model with PureView features.


After new Nokia Smartphones were launched, more than 125 million of units have been sold all over the World. New Nokia 3310 with Pure View has image tech used by Nokia Lumia 1020 which includes a 41 Mp sensor, double LED flash, but unbelievable, it hasn´t a front camera.

Size of new Nokia 3310 Smartphone is 113 mm lenght, 48 mm wide and 22 mm depth. It weights 133 grs and has a 3 inches touch screen  with curve format.

Nokia 3310 Smartphone has 2 GB of RAM memory and 32 GB of storage with a 1.5 GHz processor.

Kiwig PhoneTunes. Free Music Manager

Kiwig PhoneTunes is a free app for Windows which allows users to manage stored music on their smartphones very easy and fast. Once you enter to Kiwig PhoneTunes a user´s interface is displayed in three panels:


  1.       On the upper left side of the screen where folders of Hard Drive are displayed.
  2.       Central panel which shows the content of the selected element
  3.       Right panel which access to folders of the connected smartphone.

Kiwig PhoneTunes is compatible with Android and Ios mobiles so users can have the free access to manage their stored music. They can also edit songs and create playlists as a music placer. Continue reading

Two screen sizes for iPhone 6

Although Apple has on the market iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, it is well known that the company is ready to launch iPhone 6. A recent report said that this Smartphone could be available in two different screen sizes. The launching date is programmed for September 2014.


New iPhone 6 will be ready to compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III. A Japanesse diary revealed this information and said that Apple suppliers in Asia have started the manufacturing of sensors and different screens for iPhone.

New iPhone 6 could have meausres from 4,7 inches to 5,5. Apple always wanted products not so big on their sizes, for that reason, the changes of this screens are focused more to the market than company policy.

Other details of iPhone 6 like features, colours, prices, etc, are unknown as usual till the date of official launch.

Continue reading

Bit Torrent Sync 1.3 for Windows Phone 8

Bit Torrent is a platform to share files via web. It is also a pc app for users who sync files via remote so they can enter to them from mobile devices. Recently, developer of this soft has launched a Bit Torrent Sync version for Windows Phone 8.


Bit Torrent let users to sync files with the pc with no need to connect to a storage server on the cloud. Users also can make backups of all storaged images on the phone camera and transfer them to the pc via remote. Continue reading

Instagram. Social Network focused on images

Instagram is a social network focused on images. Since a long time, it has been the largest all over the world with more than 200 million of monthly users. Instagram is one of many companies purchased by Facebook for U$S 1000 millions which also followed with WhatsApp and Oculus VR (company focused on virtual reality).


When Instagram opened, it had 30 million users, after two years, averaged 200 million. 50 million users were added on the last 6 months. About 60 million photos are uploaded day by day.

Many personalities and companies have an Instagram progile. 65% of most valuable marks have their own profile.

Mark Zuckerberg had a vision to create Facebook, but also to pay a lot of money for the companies and recover it in the short term.

Unreal Commander. Windows File Manager

Unreal Commander is a program that works as a file manager for Windows. It can be a replace for Windows Explorer.


Unreal Commander includes a user´s interface of two sides, tools to rename multiple files at the same time, support for basic managment operations like copy, move, cut, paiste, delete, rename, etc and also it is compatible with background images.

Unreal Commander supports functions for different files format like ZIP, RAR, CAB, JAR, ACE and also users can install plugins. Unreal Commander has buttons on the upper side of the window in order to manage files. Continue reading

First images of Nokia Lumia 530 Rock

Nokia Lumia 520 is the most powerful and succesfull smartphone of Finland manufacturer. Recently, many images of Smartphone Nokia Lumia 530 Rock have been filtered via Twitter. The key password of the phone is ¨Rock¨. Nokia Lumia 520 has been very succesful on many European countries and also in South America.


Nokia wants to launch many options of Lumia 520 using Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 520 is a smartphone of 4 inches of screen, 480 x 800p of resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which includes also a 5mp camera.

The price of Nokia Lumia 520 is 130 euros so we think that the price and features of new Nokia Lumia 530 Rock will be rounding those numbers.