Next week ends support for IE 8,9 and 10

Microsoft reported that on January 12, 2016 will stop bringing support for IE 8, 9 and 10. On that day, people who still use those web browsers will receive an update to IE 11.


In case they had updated their OS to Windows 10, there will be no problems because they will have Microsoft Edge support.


What does it mean ¨no more support¨?

It means that weakness of browsers will appear and won´t be treated. Explorers won´t receive further updates, therefore, pc security and system security can be compromised.

It is very important to keep your software updated and working with the lattest available version. This will let you backup your security while you use Internet.



Microsoft Selfie available on IOS

Microsoft offers an app of Windows Phone in another OS. Microsoft Selfie can be downloaded from Apple Store, so Office, Outlook, Groove Music, OneDrive, etc. Compared to Google and Apple which protect the exclusive of the apps, Microsoft decided to offer to all platforms.


In this case, introduced Microsoft Selfie for ios, a simple app of images edition thought for selfies or photos.

The app has many tools which let users to improve eyes, smile, teeth, fit the image and add filters.


Microsoft Selfie can be downloaded for free for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.



WhatsApp with videocalls coming soon

By these days, a WhatsApp image has been recognised as WhatsApp with videocalls. The team is developing the app and adapting it to work with this new format. WhatsApp has been growing up and reached 900 monthly users. Also the platform function list has been increased step by step. It started very simple and added audio messages, photos and calls. Soon, it will be possible to exchange docs.


WhatsApp with video calls

These are only rumours, but they are turning to be very serious. On the next days, WhatsApp  team will confirm this situation. If it turns true, WhatsApp and Skype will be the most powerful message services in the world.


The problem appears on the weight of the app. The most simple solution is creating a WhatsApp with videocalls and remain the basic one separately.


WhatsApp also would add flanges for multiple chats opened at the same time so you can skip from one to another easily.



Outlook supports 3D Touch

Outlook for Ios added support for 3D Touch in the lattest update. This function is available on lattest Apple devices and lets you browse on many options with no need to open the menu.


With 3D Touch on Outlook, users can enter to a new e-mail, calendar, lattest events, etc with just a gesture. This is not the onliest news on Outlook for ios, with the lattest update, you can also send messages to print from the preview.


Another important news of the lattest version is the chance to save on ios schedule Office 365 and Exchange contacts.

This will let users to receive notifications from the contact who is sending a message or calling. Although this function is a pro, it can result a little uncomfortable for those who don´t wisht to have personal and Office 365 contacts all together on a same schedule.


Outlook for ios doesn´t added support for function Peek & Pop which lets you press a link and enter to a preview, for a example of a web page.






Skype Translator added Portuguese support

Skype Translator for PC translates audios from Brasilian Portuguese. Now language with Brasilian people won´t be a problem when you need to comunicate. With Brasilian Portuguese now there are 7 languages that Skype Translator is managing: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Chinesse and Portuguese.


Among them, you can have audio chats and also translate text messages on more than 50 languages.

To use Skype Translator, user must have the lattest version of Skype for Windows on the desk.


According to Microsoft, Brasilian Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world, therefore the decision of adding it to Skype Translator. Redmond´s Company announced that soon it will be adde support to translate audio of other languages.





WhatsBot. Robot which alerts places in WhatsApp

For those who are not related to the word bot, we remind you that it comes from the word robot and it is a program which emulates human behaviour. Recently, a team of British developers introduced a bot which reports places in WhatsApp.

bot1 bot2

WhatsBot uses data bases like Foursquare and Esri to alert interesting places which are close to the user. To use WhatsBot just add your cell number of the root to your WhatsApp contact list.

To make it work properly, you must share your location in WhatsApp. Number can also be added to contact groups. You can also know the perfect place to join the group together.


The bot also recognises when somebody sends a message with dirty words and answers them with funny modals.

WhatsBot is designed to call the atention of people who share groups.



Find Time. New Outlook app


FindTime is a new app which helps to concrete dates and meetings. Maybe one of the most complicated tasks of a job team is coordinate dates and schedule where all the members can be available. Therefore, Microsoft Garage developed this app.


Manager of the meeting must select on it´s calendar: dates and schedules available. Then FindTime will share those data with the rest of the assistants. Those people must select the day and time more convenient. Once all data are uploaded, FindTime will confirm the best time for the meeting.


The meeting planner must create or have an Office 365 company account and the rest of the members can use any Outlook account.

You can donwload FindTime by entering to

Install Office in your Android OS Tablet

It´s been a long time since Microsoft offers oficial apps of Word, PowerPoint and Excel in Google Play. Apps are for free and have all basic functions to open, edit and create docs. Although Android is well known on phones, it also works very nice in tablets. To install Office on your Android tablet you should have:

  • Android KitKat 4.4
  • ARM processor or Intel 86x

  andro2 andro3

If your tablet has this requirments, you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Just look up the apps in Google Play.

As you can see, you can´t download the whole package. Just install one app at a time. This will allow you to sabe some space on your pc.


To enter to the full version of the apps, you can have an Office 365 account, and therefore, enter to Office 2016.

Save data setting whatsapp downloads

WhatsApp is the message system most used in the world. 30 thousand millons of messages are sent daily from this app. You can also send images, audios and videos. Receiving many files can consume your data plan so fast. Here you can see how to setup WhatsApp so it can download audios, videos or images when you are connected to a WiFi.


Setup automatic download of files in WhatsApp

This function is available for WhasApp apps. Here´s how you can setup automatic download of files on WhatsApp app for Windows Phone.


The method is very simple. Enter to WhatsApp and then click on the three points button. Then click on Setup and choose Chat and Calls.

Then enter automatic download and finally select the option you need for each kind of file. .


You can select ¨never download¨( images, audio or video), ¨download only with WiFi, with WiFi and Cell or WiFi, Cell and roaming.


Outlook lets save mails on OneNote

Outlook added a new function which lets you save emails on OneNote with a pair of clicks. Users can create backups of their mails and edit them on notes blog. Users must select the blog and sections of OneNote where each email will be saved.


How to save an email on OneNote

To save an email on OneNote you must right click on the message and then select the option ¨Save on OneNote¨.

On the window, you must select the section of OneNote where you want to save the email.

If you wish to work with the mail you can click on the link ¨Check on OneNote¨ If you want to see it later you must click on apps laucher of and enter to OneNote.


Microsofts adds Sunrise on Outlook apps

Microsoft adds Sunrise Calendar on Outlook apps like did it before with Acompli mail app. First changes based on Sunrise can be seen on new Outlook for iOS updates and Outlook for Android.

Outlook Mobile CEO reported that in the short term, new Sunrise functions will be added. Sunrise will stop working and also will dissapear from Apple Store. Microsoft decided to give them a reasonable time to make the changes.

In next Outlook updates, 3D Touch will be also added. New updates based on Acompli and Sunrise will be incorporated on Outlook when Windows 10 Mobile is launched.

Windows 8.1 can be updated to  Windows 10 Mobile on first days of December.

sun4 sun1 sun2 sun3




Boomerang: New app created by Instagram

Instagram social network launched a new app named Boomerang. This app was developed under the concept of images in movement or life photos based on snapshots of many images taken in high speed to create a short video.


Boomerang displays videos of 4 seconds and can be watched forwards or backwards. Boomerangs can be saved in horizontal or vertical mode.


Results can be shared on Instagram profiles. The concept of life photo or selfies in movement is not new, in fact you can do the process with a native apps of new iPhone.


Boomerang adds to apps of Instagram family with Hyperlapse and Layout. Boomerang will be available on Ios and Android, but Instagram apps will take a while to arrive to Windows Phone.


Download|  Boomerang for ios

Download | Boomerang for Android