Recover files with Easy File Undelete

There are many programs to recover deleted files from your PC. Most of them are good, and here´s the case: With Easy File Undelete you can recover files from external devices and from your PC as well. This program only works with OS that have files partition system FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS, however, you can recover files even it the pc has been formatted and system reinstalled again.


Easy File Undelete recognizes more than 90 files types and also has the chance to search the location, size and status of the information.

Easy File Undelete has a simple user´s interface which lets you select what´s more important for you. It also brings the chance of making a preview of the files that are going to be recoverd. Continue reading

EaseUS Backup Free. App to create backups

Creating backups is very important.There are many apps to do it and one of them is EaseUS Todo Backup Free. It has a very easy user´s interface and you can create backups of any part of the system and give protection for all your information. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is compatible with Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.


A very important aspect is that you can have many kinds of backups according user´s needs. You can create backups of the system and get a backup of your OS and then recover it in case there´s an failure.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free also gives support for creating disk images, and backups of files, folders, hard drives, shared folders, etc. You can also create copies by sectors. Continue reading

Manage downloads on Internet Explorer 11

Web browsers are commonly used on websites activities and also for making downloads. A nice management of downloads is necessary each time you need to know exactly the place you save files.


On Explorer 11, available only for Windows 8.1, many users don’t know how to manage downloads. Here is some advice:

Download options of Internet Explorer 11:  When users press the button of download a file, a dialogue box is displayed and gives options to run, open or save the file. In case you are doing an exe download, the option ¨run¨is shown instead of  ¨open¨. Continue reading

How to use Dropbox on Windows 8

Dropbox, one of the most popular storage services, has a desk version for Windows 8. To use Dropbox on Windows 8 you must download and install the app from Windows 8 App Store. Just click on the icon from the app store and on the browsing box write ¨Dropbox¨. There, you will enter to start section of Dropbox where you can create and account. After sign in Dropbox for Windows 8, you will be able to look at every files folder contained on the app. Click on any folder and see all the files. When you open a file, you are able to work with it or modify as well.


Users can also make folder searchs from Windows 8 browsing function. Just click on Windows + Q. If you want to share a file or folder, you can enter Windows + H to run the function DROPBOX Share.
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PhrozenSoft Safe USB. Avoid viruses on USB memories

USB memories are most common storage devices. They save music, videos, docs, important files and also programs. These kind of devices are very exposed to viruses. Therefore, many tools and apps are created to avoid them.


PhrozenSoft Safe USB: This is an example of an app against viruses. Although, it is not 100% effective, it gives great perform reducing malware. Once you install the app on the PC, you will find it on your inbox system, where you can enter to main functions. Continue reading

Outlook removes History Chat folder

Outlook let us connect with all social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, so you had the option tos ave your chat on a fólder created for that. This folder is going to be removed soon.


Microsoft didn´t show any details about this action. The onliest explanation is that messages service will be improved, especially Skype on

However, there´s a simple solution for keeping old chats. Here are the steps:

How to save old chats:

  1. Create a folder and add any name
  2. Select all chats from the Chat History
  3. Click on ¨Select all¨ and then, right click and select ¨Move¨ option
  4. Select the folder you created before as a destiny of folder´s content.

MediaHuman Video Converter

MediaHuman Video Converter is a free app for Windows focused on video files convert. It is very useful when you have videos which are not compatible like Mobile devices. It has a user´s interface very simple to operate and also gives support for most popular video formats like AVI, MPEG-4, DVD Video, MPEG, FLV, MKV, Quick Time, among others.


System requierements to run MediaHuman Video Converter are: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 of 32 or 64 bits and 80 MB free on hard drive.

The process to convert video files is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Run MediaHuman Video Converter from main Windows and click on ¨+¨ symbol on the upper right side of the screen to add the video you want to add.
  2. Select the output video format. Click on the forth button from left to right on the uppers side of the window.
  3. Different video formats are displayed
  4. Select the format and enter a folder where it´s going to be saved
  5. All video files converted will be saved on a subfolder of MediaHuman program, however, you can select one of your choice.
  6. Start convert process. Just click on ¨Convert¨
  7. After a few seconds, a message that the video has been converted will be displayed.
  8. To enter to the converted video file, click on ¨Locate¨

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Install Skype on Windows 8

Here are the steps to install Skype on Windows 8:


  1. From Windows 8 Start screen, click on ¨Store¨ to enter to the app store
  2. Open a Window by click on your right button or Windows key + C
  3. On browsing bar, write Skype and the
  4. Click on Skype to enter to the description mode where you can see all the features like download size
  5. Use¨Install¨ and then click to start downloading Skype on Windows 8
  6. A message on the upper right side of the screen will be displayed
  7. Once the install process is done, Skype on Windows 8 is ready to n select  ¨Store¨ to enter to the result screen with all available options
  8.  be used
  9. If you find the Skype icon, means that the app has been installed succesfully

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5 tricks for Explorer 11

If you are already using Windows 8.1, Explorer 11 is installed by default. This Microsoft explorer version is one of the best on functions, features and pros at the time of browsing the web.


However, you can improve your experience following simple steps or tricks for your Internet Explorer 11, which lets you take profit of main news of this browser.

  1. Divided screen: It´s an interesting feature to view two web pages at the same time with no need to use two screens. Just right click  on a link and then select the option that opens this page into another window.
  2. Reading view: You can use it to able a reading mode so you can read the most interesting articles like a book. You can also modify the size and style of the source from menu options.
  3. Select passwords to store: It is very important for your privacy and security. If you usually save your Facebook, or PayPal passwords, you might lose your notebook and therefore your passwords. Explorer 11 comes with an option to select which passwords are going to be saved and which ones are not.
  4. Online flanges: You can have flanges on the low side of the screen, no matter what you are doing. Enter to ¨Setup¨, then select ¨Options¨ and then click on ¨Always show addresses bar and flanges¨
  5. Delete browser cache: If you want a better browsing speed and achieve the most recient version of the site, you must clean the cache. Just enter to Setup, Options and then click on Historic. Able the images box on cache and then delete them.

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XYplorer. Browser and file manager for Windows

If you consider that Windows Explorer doesn´t satisfy your needs, you might take a look at XYplorer: a powerful and complete browser and file manager for Windows that includes all functions to work with Windows files.


XYplorer is compatible with all recent versions of Windows OS, from Windows 98 to Windows 8.1 on 32 or 64 bits. The program doesn´t need to install on the system and you can run it from any external device. It is available on 19 languages including spanish, english, chinesse, Franch, italian, japanesse, etc. Main functions include:

  • Flanges support
  • Optional double panel to work with multiple files
  • 6 browsing keys to enter to files easily
  • Folders tree
  • Route bar
  • Files manager and operations

XYplorer gives you the chance to make many operations with files at the same time. You can also extract compressed files and also create new elements from a setup menu, change the name to multiple files at the same time, content search, duplicated files search, preview of folders and subfolders, and customed filtres. Continue reading

Freemake Music Box. Stream Music Player for Windows

Windows Media Player left a long time. Although many users still have the program and Windows also included it on lattest versions, many options are aviailable like Freemake Music Box. It´s a stream music player for windows which plays standard audio files and also lets the user search and find favorite songs online.


You can download them legally. Freemake Music Box doesn´t need a user´s account and includes tools to do searches, create filtres and play songs online, thanks to a friendly user´s interface. Controls are located on the upper left side of the window.
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