Can´t enter your password

Sometimes you enter a wrong password, specially when you log in many times a day.


If you mistake twice or more, will ask to write the password and solve a captcha. A captcha are vanished characters used to avoid spambots. It is a very important security measure.

A captcha appears when you don´t enter the password after three or more attemps. Continue reading

Download Holiday Calendar for

This is a tutorial that shows you how to download Holiday Calendar of your country and Moon Calendar for your account. Updated Calendar lets you manage your tasks according to your country holidays.


If you have work travel or holidays, you can download the calendar of your country to manage your stay knowing holidays and non working days. Calendar lists are very huge and download them is very simple.

You can also download moon calendar to your account. This calendar is very used on health and beauty treatments.

To download a calendar, you must enter to your account and in another flange, open this official Microsoft page: Continue reading

Reading Chats on

Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to setup to read chat messages. Functions like ¨Group Messages¨ and other tools will help to read our emails as they were chat messages.


Mailbox is a daily activity which can spend most of your time, therefore options are available to enter to a better mail view. Continue reading

Link contacts on your addresses book lets you store many addresses books on Contacts. When you link Facebook, you also import contacts from the social network to your account. Same thing happens with other services you link with your mail, therefore many contacts are repeated. On Contacts, you can link many addresses of a same contact or link different ones on one Contact. It is very common that if you have the mail address of a person and the Facebook address of the company of the person, this situation appears as different contacts. Here are the steps to link accounts:


First of all, sign in session and then:

  1. Enter to ¨Contacts¨. Display the arrow next to Outlook logo and select ¨Contacts¨.
  2. On Contacts list, mark two addresses you wish to link. For example one of Facebook and one of
  3. Press on ¨Link¨. There you can watch two linked addresses on one contact. If you want to retry the action, go to linked contact and press on the cross that is included.

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¨Mail delivery failed¨ message on

This post is about received messages on your inbox when a failure happens. We usually receive a mail which is difficult to analyse.


The message includes data like the server which rejected the message, your IP number, receiver address, failure code, etc. These data are all included with the cause that made the failure. Examples:

Mailbox wasn´t found

This means tha receiver´s address doesn´t exist. This is usually because you don´t write properly the address. It can be a typing mistake or because you don´t have the correct receiver´s address or this one doesn´t exist anymore.

Mailbox is full

Receiver might have many emails on the Mailbox and the server is rejecting new messages. You must contact the receiver and notice the situation.

Temporary failure

There are many temporary failures, for example: waiting time expired, no correct servers connected or retry timeout exceded. This means that the server doesn´t work good at the moment. You can wait and send the mail again. Continue reading

Edit and share a Word Online doc from

Edit an Office Online doc online is very easy thanks to This is a very used function by pros and students because it let´s you work in group. As long as a person modifies a doc, the other ones can see the changes online and add new ones, like being next to the partner while writing a doc.


Here are the steps to share a doc and work on it. You can work on a doc from the beginning or share a saved on in OneDrive:

 First step is to sign in sesión and then:

  1. Go to the doc you want to share and otpen it. Then press ¨Share¨
  2. A tiny window will be displayed. On ¨To¨ write the name or the mail address of your partner. Make sure the option ¨Receivers can edit¨ is activated. Then press ¨Share¨
  3. To edit a doc online, your partner must be logged in to your account. If he/she is not available, the invitation will be sent and the doc can be seen but can´t work on it. The receiver will be able to see an email and click on the link so Word Online will be opened.
  4. After enter to the doc, your partner must press on ¨Modify doc¨ and select the option ¨Edit on Word Online¨.
  5. Word Online will show that another person is editing the doc. On the right of the screen you will find the contact name. The little flag will be placed where your partner has the coursor.

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Change Outlook password each 72 days

Change Outlook password is the most common way to sep safe your account. Many users keep the same password for a long time and they only modify it when troubles appear. Although always suggests to change password each 72 days, most of the users don´t follow the advice.

change-outlook-com-password lets you mark an option that makes you change the password each 72 days. If you don´t often change your password, you can follow this tutorial: Continue reading

Facebook and Google Chats won´t work on announced that Facebook and Google chats won´t work on it´s platform. These messages services included on 2012 will leave the platform.


Google wants to develop Hangout, therefore, can´t include Google Talk to it´s own chat. Facebook won´t give XMPP protocol, so Facebook chat will function until April 30th. Continue reading vs Gmail and Yahoo!

This post reveals pros of, Gmail and Yahoo!.


Three services share two main features for account security and privacy. First of all they only let 3% of spam so you can browse very safe on your mail address. is the onliest which doesn´t use email content for publicity. inbox is the only one which let users to open and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs thanks to Office Online. It is also the only service which lets you add a mark for read messages. With the other two services you can share functions of messages management by chat, reading panel and also send messages from other mail accounts. Continue reading

Add filters on my account

You can select 2 filter levels on Standard and Exclusive.


Standard filter is the default one and sends almost every not wished emails to the not wished account. defines what is a not wished email.

Exclusive filter sends all emails to not wished folder, unless your contact messages, messages and those one you have selected as safe addresses.

Exclusive filters can be very useful but it won´t work for those who use an email address as a contact way. Continue reading

Create a Collage Photo Album on OneDrive

OneDrive added a new tool to create Collage Photo Albums. This one lets you see your photos and share them with your friends to edit.


OneDrive albums are easy to manage photos than the folder mode, however, you still have your traditional folders. Here are the steps to create collage photo albums on OneDrive.

We remind you that photo storage space is up to 12.000 on 30GB. You can enter anytime and from anywhere.

First of all, sign in session on OneDrive or enter to OneDrive from Then follow these steps: Continue reading