Edit and create files with PDF Office from Outlook.com

Many articles and docs from the web are on PDF format. These files can´t always be edited or used properly. You often have many problems to enter to edition format of the text, even if you are using a tablet, iPad or Smartphone.


PDF Office was launched a few days ago. You can edit and create PDF files from any interface. New docs and notes can be displayed as photos and images as well. You can also make new PDF files via computer with a scanner or a camera. Once it is scanned, you can edit, add or create texts, images, labels, etc. Continue reading

Setup Active Views on Outlook.com

Active Views is one of main functions of Outlook.com. Active Views lets you preview images and videos sent to your mail. You can also watch and interact with the content, therefore the name Active. If a message is received with a video, you can watch it with no need to leave Outlook.com. Just click and Outlook.com will show the video in an active view. If many images are received, you can enter to a slide show presentation.


Videos Active Views

Just click on the minimal of the video and a player is opened. There you can watch the video and enter to all the commands. If you are playing a YouTube video, commands of pause, volume, quality setup, etc are displayed. To close active view, click on the cross which is located on the upper right corner of the screen or click on Esc.

Images Active Views

If an e-mail has many images, you must click on any of them and an Active View is opened. If you click on Play, the presentation starts. You can stop it clicking on Pause. On the upper side of the Active View, you have the browse command which lets you download the image to your PC and you also have the Full Screen command. Continue reading

Send Christmas recipes from Outlook.com

Here are some advices to write a Christmas recipe on a Word Christmas template. Word Online created a new format for this Christmas. You can write your recipe on a Word Christmas template and share with your friends and relatives via Outlook.com. Word Online created a template with Christmas themes you can download on Word Online. Then you can print it or share via mail to your Outlook.com contacts.


Here´s a tutorial to download the template for Christmas recipes:

First of all sign in Outlook.com account. Then follow these steps: Continue reading

New Office for Mac

Microsoft announced new details about Office for Mac which will be for sale on 2015. It is also a free edition for those who already have Office 365. Year 2015 is an important one for Microsoft. Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 will be launched. Outlook and Office for Mac are also the lattest 2015 Microsoft News.


New version joins Outlook for PC design with Outlook app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Update includes many improves like security on sending and receiving process.

Outlook for Mac includes support for push notification which lets users to receive mails at the same moment they arrive to servers. Exchange Sync is also available so you have an excellent download tool in your mail account.

Microsoft ensures that experience to download mails has been improved by Exchange web service. New changes on Outlook for Mac platform have been expected for a long time, so year 2015 is a key one on Microsoft´s history.


Manage your received mails on your Outlook.com alias account

Outlook.com lets you create a rule to manage your mails your receive under your alias on a folder. If you didn´t create an Alias, we suggest you to visit ¨How to create an Alias on Outlook.com¨.

manage account

An alias is a mail address you can manage from main account. Answers to sent mails under an Alias will arrive soon to your mail accuont. Remember tht an alias is a mail address thay you can manage from main one. Answers will go from inbox to main account count.

Here.s a tutorial to manage recieved mails on yout Outlook.com alias:

First of all, sign in Olutlook.com account

Then  go to ¨ Create Rule¨

A new window wll be opened. On the first field, you must chose the receiver.

Microsoft bought Acompli

Microsoft has bought starup Acompli to develop new mail tools. Acompli is an app which manages mail accounts, calendars, storage services and contacts, all in one.


Acompli manages stored files on OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive. It classifies the mail on Outlook.com, Office 365, Gmail and Yahoo. It also syncs many calendars at the same time.

Acompli is an starup with six months on the market. It is also available on iOS and Android, but it is not available for Windows Phone. Acompli works with smart filters that classify the data of many mail accounts at the same time.

Download American Cup Chile 2015 Fixture for Outlook.com

Outlook.com lets you import calendars to your account. For that reason we bring you American Cup Chile 2015 Fixture for Outlook.com. You can find all the info in your Calendar and many options to create mail alerts.


Download calendar with Fixture of American Cup Chile 2015

With Outlook.com you can setup your schedule so you won´t miss any soccer game of your selection. American Cup Chile 2015 will be played from 11th June to 4th July.  Conmebol selections will be at this event and also Mexico and Jamaica as guests.

American Cup Chile 2015 will have 3 groups of 4 teams each one. Finals will be played by those who have finished first and second at their groups + best 2 thirds.

Groups are:

Group A: Chile, Mexico, Ecuador and  Bolivia.

Group B: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Jamaica.

Group C: Brasil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela

American Cup Chile 2015 will be placed on: Santiago, La Serena, Antofagasta, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Rancagua, Concepcion and Temuco.

Import American Cup Chile 2015 (.ics file) to your Outlook.com calendar:

First of all, sign in Outlook.com and then:

  1. Slide app launcher and select Calendar.
  2. Press Import
  3. Mark the option ¨Import on a new calendar¨. Click on Exam and search for the file American Cup Chile 2015.ics which you had downloaded before. Click on ¨Import¨

Favorites to win American Cup Chile 2015:

If you remember performances of each selection on World Cup Brasil 2014, first team as favorite is Argentina. Argentina lost the final with Germany and has super stars like Messi, Tevez, Aguero, Mascherano, Higuain, etc.

Brasil is another one to be considered. They want revenge. Remember the 1-7 result against Germany.

Uruguay, Chile and Mexico are always there, considered as favorites too.


Office 365 Video. New Microsoft Project for 2015

Microsoft announced for next 2015 new Office 365 Video with important improves and benefits for video working. Better functions at the time of loading up, save or share.


Office 365 Video is focused on companies, so it will be available for clients and then it will spread to the rest of the users.

Office 365 Video will work from Outlook.com, so you can enter to the app via your Outlook.com account installed on your pc or mobile device. Video can be uploaded to Internet and then add a title and description. You can also share it on different social networks.

Office 365 Video is based on Azure Media Services and works with Yammer and Office Graph programs to improve the experience of upload and custom of the work. The main aim is to improve streaming tech and video view from any device.

From Office 365 official  blog, they reported that if you want to upload a video, just drag and drop on the interface, or upload it from a mobile device. Then you can add a title and a description to play or share.

Office 365 Video supports different video files and converts them into an only mode to be seen and played faster. Uploaded videos are saved in your account.

To share a video, you must add the receivers you want to and also a message for them as well. The process is made via Yammer.

Mark all your emails as read on Outlook.com

Here´s a tutorial which explains you very simple how to mark all your e-mails as read on Outlook.com. Traditional way is clicking on ¨Mark as read¨ button on the task bar. If you have many e-mails to mark as read, you can do this one by one or from folders. You will save a lot of time.


To begin, sign in Outlook.com and  follow these steps:

  1. To mark all your e-mails as read you must right click on the folders which have non opened e-mails. Then select the option ¨Mark all as read¨.

That´s all you need to know about how to mark e-mails as read on Outlook.com

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Office online adds window chat

Microsoft announced that will add a window chat for Office online. Word Online and PowerPoint Online will have the chance to communicate to your contacts as you are working on a doc.


Office Online Chat will be similar as Outlook.com one and will have Skype support, so users can chat with any pc or device which have Skype already installed.

To create an Office Online doc you must sign in Outlook.com and slide the app launcher, then select the program you wish to work.

Learn more about Office Online