New Cortana for Windows Phone

Since Microsoft announced new virtual assistant Cortana for Windows Phone, new updates were launched to improve and add new features. This time, a new Cortana version is available for all compatible devices.


New Cortana features for Windows Phone include the chance to enter to the assistant and find travel schedules, dinner plans, alarms setup, and all you need to finish your day as you want. Continue reading

Add a wallpaper with watch on Windows

It is not difficult to find wallpapers to custom your Windows desk, however, a wallpaper that includes a watch is not common. To add a wallpaper with watch on Windows, you need a soft named Dexclock, which is especially designed to let the user to create a wallpaper and place a watch and calendar.


This program can be used on pc´s with Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This soft can be downloaded for free from the official web where download link appears under the name of Download Desclock 1.3. Once you download the install file on the pc, you just need to run it to install it on Windows. Continue reading

New WhatsApp for Windows Phone

New WhatsApp version for Windows Phone has many features like:


  • Instead of chat history, users will have file messages. A menu below user´s name will be displayed. To see stored files, users must click on … button and then select ¨stored files¨
  • You can also uncompressed that files. Another WhatsApp news for Windows Phone is the send of user´s location. This is a good option if users are planning a meeting with other people.
  • WhatsApp for Windows Phone can add titles to images, cut and rotate. Sources become smaller which means that users can view more content on Mobile screens.
  • Just wait for this new WhatsApp for Windows Phone version.

Xim. Microsoft app to share photos on phones

Microsoft Research has launched a new app to share photos on phones named Xim. This app is designed to modify the way photos are shared  with extra functions.


Microsoft says that this new tech improves the way users interact on social networks and let them share photos with no effort at all.

Nowadays, Xim is available for Winodows Phone, Android and iOS, so users can download it and enjoy on their cellphones. Continue reading

Skype for Windows updates user´s interface

Shortly after announcing new version of OneDrive for iOS, Microsoft launches new Skype for Windwos and Mac. It´s an update that has a main feature a new user´s interface which syncs mobile experience to desktop one.


This new Skype user´s interface looks very fashion with nice distribution and versions.  New Skype for Windows shows messages on the right side of the screen which makes easier to send links and other contents during a chat. The main aim is achieve a better visual aspect for the user. Continue reading

Toshiba Satellite Radius 11. Notebook and Tablet

This notebook turns into Tablet. It´s a device which works with OS Windows 8.1 and recently has been announced for the American market after came out on UK.


Portable mode brings you the chance to rotate up to 360 degrees or 180 to use it as a Tablet. Keyboard is disabled so users can operate the touch screen with no need to press a key.

Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 can be used in 5 different modes so users can pick the favorite one with the most comfortable position. Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 features are: Continue reading

Microsoft updates OneDrive for iOS

Microsoft launched a new update for ios OneDrive. This new update for iPhone users, iPad and Ipod Touch comes with new features like TouchID support, so Microsoft will include it on OneDrive for Windows Phone.


This new OneDrive update for Ios will let users to protect the app using TouchID feature. Microsoft says that a new security measure is added to protect user´s content. You can enter from your iPhone or iPad. So you don´t have to worry about security information. Continue reading

Poki for Windows Phone

Poki for Windows Phone is a free app which let users to get a new experience on reading and save links on any mobile device: Smartphone, Tablet or PC. With Poki for Windows Phone you can save published articles on web pages and read them at any time.


Users have the chance to check by name, URL or labels with no need to be connected to internet. New Poki update has added improves compared to previous version.

Now, users can add, edit or delete elements with no need to have a web connection and also they can sync when the app is closed. Start speed has also been improved with huge size lists. There´s also a tutorial for new users and support for new languages, 4 new apps themes and 5 reading themes for reading, the chance to listen to saved articles and also the chance to detect new languages. Continue reading

Hardware requierments for Windows 10

Microsoft recently announced new update to it´s  operative system Windows 10.  This new OS comes with many features which were not revealed on the preview. But what we know exactly are the hadware requirements for Windows 10.


Windows 10 wll have the same requierements as Windows 8. This means that users should be aware of:

  • RAM of 1GB for 32 bits system, 2 GB for 64 bits OS
  • Hard Disk space of 16 GB for 32 bits versions and 20 GB for 64 bits versions.
  • Processor of 1 Ghz or more on Hard Disk with support for PAE NX and SSE2.
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 Graphic Card with WDDM controller.

Continue reading

Notion Ink Cain. Tablet with Windows 8.1 and 10.1 inches

Many unknown manufacturers have started to launch devices that work with Microsoft. In this case, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 are the most common. Notion Ink Cain works with Windows 8.1 and it is a tablet which includes Atom processor of 1.8 GHz and 2 GB or RAM memory.


It also has 32 GB of storage space wider by micro SD use. This tablet is offered with a magnetic keyboard that can be separate from the device. Notion Ink Cain tablet doesn´t appear on Windows store buy you can order it by 327 dollars. Continue reading

Cyotek Gif Animator. Create Gifs on Windows

Cyotek Gif Animator is an app to create animated gifs on Windows. It was recently launched by Microsoft as a choice to multiple options available. The soft has the chance to export animated boxes and select columns, rows, images and also support on WebP.


You can create an animated gif on Windows and edit it. Users can add a wáter mark and text effects to their creations. Cyotek Gif Animator brings also the chance to work with many animations at the same time using a user´s interface with an extended flange. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 available on October

Samsung has confirmed that new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been launched on 26th September, however, the device will be available on October in 140 countries all arround the world. Only in US, this Smartphone will be saled by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Spring and US Cellular. This last company will offer the device at 229.99 dollars with a two years contract.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the next cell on popular Note line of Samsung so many users are waiting for it. Galaxy Note 4 comes with a Quad HD Super Amoled screen of 5.7 inches, a 4 elements processor of 2.7 Ghz and RAM memory of 3 GB. Continue reading