New Outlook design based on Windows 10 will have a new design based on Windows 10 and the Sway tool will be incorporated as an app launcher.


Recently, a new image design apps launcher will add a bigger live tile where you can see the last activity of your account. Contacts icons, Calendar and OneDrive will be modified. Office apps will leave the word Online. Also name will be changed to Outlook Mail. Continue reading

Open and save Dropbox docs with

From you can enter to Office Online to create docs on Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Now you can also add a Dropbox account.


Dropbox and OneDrive are two storing services on the cloud which are mostly used by all over the world with Google Drive as well. You can have 15 GB of storing space offered by OneDrive plus 2.5 GB offered by Dropbox. So you have 17.5 GB and more if you count users invitations and camera album of OneDrive.

Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to add your Dropbox account to Office Online. First of all you must create a Dropbox account on and then enter to Follow these steps: Continue reading

Working with Contact Groups on

Many times we share our time with different groups of people. For example, our family, job parteners, ex school partners, neighbours, etc.You can create many Contact Groups and make an easier task sending group emails. You can also send particular emails as well.


Working with Contact Groups has many advantages. First of all, you won´t have to remember each name of the members anymore. For example, if you have to send an email to all your work partners, you won´t have to worry if any person is included or not on the group, or write each mail address.

If you want to work with groups only, you must create them and then check your contacts and place them on the group they belong to. When you add new contacts to your account, just remember the group. Doing this, you will take profit of advantages when you send group messages. Continue reading

Send a CV from

Here´s an tutorial  that shows you how to send a CV from your account and store it on OneDrive so you can have it at hand any time you want.


Your CV on is very important if you are looking for a job, also if you have it and a better one comes, it is so much useful to have your CV at hand.

First thing to have in mind is the address: email address is very important. The address is like an opening letter, so you must create a very trustfull address. If your address isn´t too much trustfull, you can create an Alias. An Alias is an alternative address which lets you create (up to 10 alias per account), so you can receive emails from different contacts to your different alias names.

Next step is create a CV. You can create a CV by using Word Online. You can create your CV on a white doc or use a Word screen. Using the template, you can save time and search for a customed template design that fits to your personal needs. Continue reading

Gmail will accept accounts on Android

Gmail on Android users will have the chance to manage addresses. This is good news for those who have an Android phone but select as mail service.


If you have already installed the app, you must update it to manage other accounts coming from Yahoo! and To enter to all emails from these accounts, you must sign in to a menu named ¨All inboxes¨. Continue reading

New Outlook for iOS and Android

Outlook launched version 1.1.2 for pc´s that work with iOS and Android. This new update corrects previous mistakes and achieves a better performance of the app.


Outlook for Android added the chance to browse on Calendar using a monthly template.


Outlook for iOS added Calendar functions as support to save daily time and the chance to attach documents. Also improved the images view support when user is connected via wifi.

If you have disabled automatic updates, you can download new Outlook versions iOS and Outlook for Android clicking on these links: Continue reading security bars users have a very effective tool to see if a mail is dangerous or not. 80% of emails are spam, so searches the way to reduce this number. Usually, spam is located on non wished emails inbox.


Spam email can be dangerous or not. You can find promotions and offers, but never a virus or malware format. Via this files, cyberhackers enter to sensible users information.

They try to steal info like passwords and ID, Bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. You mustn´t open any unknown email. created an alert system based on security bars of different colours. Continue reading

Can´t enter your password

Sometimes you enter a wrong password, specially when you log in many times a day.


If you mistake twice or more, will ask to write the password and solve a captcha. A captcha are vanished characters used to avoid spambots. It is a very important security measure.

A captcha appears when you don´t enter the password after three or more attemps. Continue reading

Download Holiday Calendar for

This is a tutorial that shows you how to download Holiday Calendar of your country and Moon Calendar for your account. Updated Calendar lets you manage your tasks according to your country holidays.


If you have work travel or holidays, you can download the calendar of your country to manage your stay knowing holidays and non working days. Calendar lists are very huge and download them is very simple.

You can also download moon calendar to your account. This calendar is very used on health and beauty treatments.

To download a calendar, you must enter to your account and in another flange, open this official Microsoft page: Continue reading