Facebook and Google Chats won´t work on Outlook.com

Outlook.com announced that Facebook and Google chats won´t work on it´s platform. These messages services included on 2012 will leave the platform.


Google wants to develop Hangout, therefore, Outlook.com can´t include Google Talk to it´s own chat. Facebook won´t give XMPP protocol, so Facebook chat will function until April 30th. Continue reading

Outlook.com vs Gmail and Yahoo!

This post reveals pros of Outlook.com, Gmail and Yahoo!.


Three services share two main features for account security and privacy. First of all they only let 3% of spam so you can browse very safe on your mail address. Outlook.com is the onliest which doesn´t use email content for publicity.

Outlook.com inbox is the only one which let users to open and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs thanks to Office Online. It is also the only service which lets you add a mark for read messages. With the other two services you can share functions of messages management by chat, reading panel and also send messages from other mail accounts. Continue reading

Add filters on my Outlook.com account

You can select 2 filter levels on Outlook.com: Standard and Exclusive.


Standard filter is the default one and sends almost every not wished emails to the not wished account. Outlook.com defines what is a not wished email.

Exclusive filter sends all emails to not wished folder, unless your contact messages, Outlook.com messages and those one you have selected as safe addresses.

Exclusive filters can be very useful but it won´t work for those who use an email address as a contact way. Continue reading

Create a Collage Photo Album on OneDrive

OneDrive added a new tool to create Collage Photo Albums. This one lets you see your photos and share them with your friends to edit.


OneDrive albums are easy to manage photos than the folder mode, however, you still have your traditional folders. Here are the steps to create collage photo albums on OneDrive.

We remind you that photo storage space is up to 12.000 on 30GB. You can enter anytime and from anywhere.

First of all, sign in session on OneDrive or enter to OneDrive from Outlook.com. Then follow these steps: Continue reading

Join Skype and Outlook.com accounts

Here´s a tutorial which shows you how to join Skype and Outlook.com accounts. If you have a previous Skype version in which the service wasn´t allowed already to use a Microsoft account to enter to the app, this tutorial is for you.


If you start using Skype with Microsoft account, you won´t find a Skype user name, therefore, you don´t need to join accounts.

To access to Skype, enter the user´s name and a password. To keep all Skype contacts, you can use the video call service from Outlook.com. When you join accounts, Skype contacts will be added to Outlook.com and therefore you can add Skype contacts to your Outlook.com friends that use calls and videocalls service. Continue reading

Advices for those who use Outlook.com at work

Email is very important when you talk about internal and external info at business. Here are some advices to make better emails:


Insist when you don´t receive answers

91.24% of emails are opened per day. Half of them receive answers on the next three hours. The rest are answered the next day of opened.

It is high recommended to resend the email if you don´t receive any answer between 24 to 48 hs.

Send emails with CC copy

If you must send emails to work or study mates, do it with a copy. Sent emails to 2 people have are 12% more effective if they are sent CC. Continue reading

Outlook.com account added new functions

Section where it´s placed your Microsoft Account shows a profile photo or lets add a new one. Also added a button to enter to Windows Phone mobile date linked to the account. Remember that not so long ago, Microsoft renewed the appearance.


A Microsoft Account lets you link many services like Outlook.com, Office, OneDrive, Skype, Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone, etc. Mail address and password of Outlook.com are the data which lets you enter to other services.

Microsoft Account has many changes. It added two new features: Continue reading

Save Outlook.com attached files on OneDrive

Outlook.com keeps growing up. There´s a new button to save attached files on OneDrive. This new function is available and here´s a tutorial to use it:


OneDrive storage service will be able for Microsoft users. New universal apps of Office and Windows 10 will depend on OneDrive to sync all the files from different devices like PC, tablets and phones. Therefore the importance of using a space in the cloud. The tool we are showing is very usedful to start storing files and know OneDrive work.

First of all, sign in Outlook.com and then:

  1. On Outlook.com inbox open a mail which has many attached files. Then click on ¨Save on OneDrive¨
  2. New attached file will be stored on OneDrive
  3. Files will be saved on a folder named ¨Email attached data¨

To enter to OneDrive from Outlook.com you must click on apps launcher on the upper right side of the screen and then select ¨OneDrive¨.

New Outlook App for Android and iOS

Microsoft launched a new Outlook App for Android and iOS. New apps are available on App Store and Google Play. New Outlook app for phones and tablets is based on Acompli, mail client purchased by Microsoft last year. Users can enter to emails, Calendars, Files and Contacts from a same App.


Outlook filters messages and classifies most important mails. Then it places on different inboxes. For Contacts, Outlook makes a selection of most common ones and less used. Also when you select a contact, you can see emails, events and shared files.

With new Outlook app for Android and Outlook for Ios you can enter and manage stored files on OneDrive and Dropbox. You can also use mail addresses and other services like iCloud, Gmail or Yahoo.

Microsoft developed a real mail client thinking on service more than platform. This a a mail client focused on Ios and Android users with mail addresses coming from different services. Continue reading

How to clean my Outlook.com inbox

Recent research has developed that during 2015, average Outlook.com user will receive more than 9.000 emails on Outlook.com inbox. More than 25 emails every day. Most of them are notifications, reports and subscription emails.


Usually, these emails are not popular on life´s user therefore, a correct clean of Outlook.com inbox. Outlook.com has developes many tools to keep your inbox clean. These tools let users to setup an automatic Outlook.com clean according to their needs.

Here are some advices to start cleaning your Outlook.com inbox. Just follow them and results will come soon. First of all, we suggest you to use the tool ¨Clean¨. This tool was developed by Outlook.com so users can delete many messages in a few steps. Users have many options like: delete all emails from a sender, delete all emails but the last one or delete emails which have remained a period of time on your Outlook.com inbox.

Another important advice is to cancel all subscriptions you are not interested in. Continue reading

Remove devices to protect your Outlook.com account

First of all we must define ¨What are trustfull devices¨ Trustfull devices are those systems (PC, notebooks, tablets and phones) from where you constantly enter to your Outlook.com account. To mark a trustfull device, you must click on ¨Sign in session constantly on this device so I don´t want to be asked a code¨. Doing this, you will avoid Outlook.com to ask you for a code each time you want to check your setup account.

manage account (2)

You can´t enter to this option in an automatic way. The box, only activates when you try to edit security information. Continue reading