New Onedrive functions for shared files

OndDrive received a new update which includes extra tools and functions. Basically, new functions improve user´s experience with shared files.


From now on, users will be able to add shared folders on their desks. Remember that before these news, to enter to a shared folder with other users you needed to access to Shared section, but now you can add it straight to the desk.

This function lets you enter easier to shared files, if you delete the folder from your desk, you won´t affect the original one. The folder will have the same size on user´s cloud already created and shared.

Another news is that users will receive notifications when a shared file is being edited. OneDrive will send notifications online on mobile apps and other connected devices to OneDrive, Apple Watch among them. Continue reading

Yahoo! launches Livetext

Livetext is a message app which works via audio and video Communications and with texts. The app will be available on Ios and Android.


Videochats are the most remarkable way to express emotions. According to Yahoo!, videocalls are always limited to private media so they delete audio and give importante to text lines.

Livetext launches a platform where video and text join together like captions on movies. Many other video apps like Skype and Facebook Messenger let you interchange text chats and video. To use Livetex will be necessary to download the app and create an account. Then users can send invitations using stored contacts on the phone.

Livetext was approved in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Ireland. Next week will be available on USA, Canada, Germany, England and France.

New on Beta phase will be part of Office 365. During this week, a small users group entered to a new platform. Mail service will still be free and will also receive many new features. will have many Office 365 features as Cuttler tool and the chance to install apps. These new tools will be added one by one on beta version.


Here are some of new features:

  • You can add colours to your categories
  • You can know the procedence of emails that appear on main list
  • If you open the apps launcher, many apps like Bing and MSN appear. Tasks is the most remarkable: This app slides a Calendar and becomes independent. There you can program and enter to your daily tasks.


  • Themes are also included and also many colour options Users will have more options to custom their email account.


  • Chance to see attached files on inbox. You can also answer to the emails with opened docs as well.

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Enter to new Skype profile via

It´s been 4 years since Microsoft bought VoIP Skype call service and added to their programs. One year later, Redmond´s company erased MSN Windows Live Messenger and moved all the accounts to Skype.

Skype is actually the most important messenger service, especially with the add of calling and videocalling to In fact, a couple of weeks ago, email inbox has updated with a new Skype app. Now you can also communicate with your older Windows Live Messenger contacts and new ones from


If you have an account you also have an Skype one and a profile comes with it. New Skype profile is in a renewing process. If you want to find it you must enter to account setup. Nowadays is only available in English, but it is very easy to modify it. You can change the name to show, add a phone number, add a profile photo, etc.


To enter to Skype profile just follow these steps: First of all, log in your account and then:

  1. Click on the name of the account and select ¨Account setup¨
  2. Click on ¨Your information¨. Then clilck on ¨Go to Skype profile¨
  3. Change personal information and contact details

New chat with Skype

Outlook renewed the chat by a Skype app. New messenger system lets you make calls, video calls and text conversations with older friends and Messenger contacts and Outlook ones.


You can also use Skype Root to find people who use Skype and are not on our contacts.

Not so long ago, removed messenger services of Google and Facebook. New Skype app lets you use the videocall service and send sms.

To use new chat, you must click on Skype logo which is located on the inbox. There you will find a contact list to start a conversation. Then you must click on the mark located on the upper side of the window.

Select the telephone button if you want to make a call or the camera one if you want a videocall. If you would like to send an sms, write on the white space located on the lower side of the window.

If you wish to search for a contact from your lists or find a person who uses Skype who is not included on your contacts, click on the button shaped as a magnifier and write the name. If the person is not included on your lists, click on ¨Search on Skype Root¨.

What do you think about new chat? included in Office 365 will be included in Office 365 accounts but will keep the name Accounts will include new Office 365 techs without the benefits of a paid version.


Microsoft´s idea is to create a main platform joining Outlook, Exchange and Office 365.

 Users mustn´t be worried about platforms. They can enjoy as usual with new benefits included. migration to Office 365 will include the creation of worldwide complements to mobile apps, desk ones and Outlook web.

Nowadays, there is not an official announcement but closest sources to Microsoft say that the migration process will start soon.

Edit a connected address on your account lets you import and connect many mails addresses on your main account. Therefore, you can send and receive messages crom these addresses when the receiver gets the mail, sees the name that is also in your main account.


If you want all sent emails from connected address include another name, you must edit the link info. For example: Main account: [email protected],  Connected account: [email protected]. The reveiver gets a sent mail from connected account and sees this info:

Mail from John Smith from [email protected].

 If you change the connected account info you can send a mail and the receiver can see:

Companies email from address [email protected].

 Now we will learn how to edit info from connected accounts. To start, you must sign in your account and follow these steps:

  1. On your inbox, click on setup wheel and the select ¨Options¨
  2. Then click on ¨Your mail accounts¨
  3. All your connected accounts are displayed. Click on ¨Details¨ and then on ¨Edit¨.
  4. To finish, change the name and then click on ¨Save¨.

We hope this tutorial helps you to improve your experience on your main account and connected addresses.

Apps for (Build Conference 2015) will have new apps similar to those offered for browsers. On Build 2015 Conference organized by Microsoft, were introduced many details about Mail apps for Outlook. Until now, Office 365 users are having these apps on their mail accounts.


Extensions can be added to and also Outlook for phones. Developed apps for Office 365 are focused on companies but there are many which let you improve the experience on personal accounts.

On Build 2015 Conference some of the apps were displayed: A LinkedIn extension for users so they can get more info about the profession of the contacts, A new app of CRM Salesforce service and an extension to add reminders with Uber.

Therefore, you can achieve a smarter and customed management of your emails on

Add or remove Birthdays on

One of the most interesting functions on is the Birthday alarm. To see Birthday contacts you can visit Birthday Calendar and the day before the party you´ll receive an invitation in your inbox. Then you can answer with an email.


There are 3 ways to add a Birthday:

  1. Add the birthday date to the contact card and the birthday will be added automatically
  2. Add the birthday to the Calendar and if the name of the birthday matches with the name of the contact, it will sync online
  3. If you link your account with a social network and contacts report birthdays, they will be added to Calendar. If users never added birthday date to contact info, it will also join to Calendar.

Then you can Able, Disable and Remove Birthday Calendar. You can also disable inbox invitations.

To enter to Birthday Calendar you must sign in Then select the apps launcher and click on Calendar.

Once you are on Calendar, click on the setup wheel to enter to all calendars. Calendars are marked.

To disable invitations, click on ¨Options¨.  A new setup page is opened, so click on Birthday calendars.

Then go to invitations section and unmark the option ¨Get reports for events and tasks¨.  Finally, if you want to remove birthday calendar, click on ¨Remove¨.

We hope this tutorial is useful to manage birthday contacts.

Threats on reported a fraudulent practice focused on users. Here are some tips to detect this tech that cyber pirates use to steal account data.


An email prevents that mail service will be suspended and your account will be deleted if you don´t click on a link.

This is FALSE. won´t close any account. won´t ask personal data via emails. False link sends to users a page where they must log in account data. So cyber pirates keep users information. Then, it redirects you to real Microsoft page. is working to combat this threat. So please, don´t open suspicious messages, especially if they are on not wished mails folder.

If you had any similar experience anytime, you can share with your comments below the page.

New Outlook design based on Windows 10 will have a new design based on Windows 10 and the Sway tool will be incorporated as an app launcher.


Recently, a new image design apps launcher will add a bigger live tile where you can see the last activity of your account. Contacts icons, Calendar and OneDrive will be modified. Office apps will leave the word Online. Also name will be changed to Outlook Mail. Continue reading