Remove devices to protect your account

First of all we must define ¨What are trustfull devices¨ Trustfull devices are those systems (PC, notebooks, tablets and phones) from where you constantly enter to your account. To mark a trustfull device, you must click on ¨Sign in session constantly on this device so I don´t want to be asked a code¨. Doing this, you will avoid to ask you for a code each time you want to check your setup account.

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You can´t enter to this option in an automatic way. The box, only activates when you try to edit security information. Continue reading

OneDrive plays music lists stored on the Cloud

OneDrive will be a music service soon. Windows 10 launch was used to announce many Microsoft news. Among them, OneDrive will include music lists in order to play them.


In some occasions, there was a rumour about a join between Xbox Music and OneDrive to offer a streaming service. Nothing happened then. Music app of Windows 10 will work on every OneDrive device as a support to play music on different systems.

On the short term, OneDrive will turn into a storage service and music online player. In fact, you can store music on OneDrive already. Continue reading

How to send an email to all the contacts

Here´s a tutorial that shows you how to send an email to all the contacts with no need to upload all addresses one by one. The procedure is very simple, but here are some points you must keep in mind.


If you are sending an email to all the contacts, be carefull, if you use this option many times, might consider you are making Spam and can block or close your mail address.

Another thing to remember: On your contact list will appear those of linked accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail). When you send a mail, you can include them but if they didn´t connect the mail address they wish to share, your mail won´t be received. Otherwise, you can filter the contacts from the list according the procedence.

First of all, sign in  and then follow these steps:

  1. Once you enter to your account, slide the apps launcher and then select ¨Contacts¨
  2. If you want to send a mail to all the contacts, click on ¨All¨ which is on the upper side of the list. If you want to send a mail to all the contacts except those who are linked to an account, select the box ¨All¨, press the setup wheel and unmark the account you want to separate. After you select the contacts, click on ¨Send email¨
  3. A new page will be opened so you can write your email and the added contacts as receivers.

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Create an limited list

This tutorial shows you how to setup privacy on Messenger. We often add new contacts to account with no reason at all. All of them will enter to your profile information (personal and work info). You can create an limited list where unknown addresses can be added. These contacts will be able to send us mails, but can´t see your profile information.


To create an limited list on Messenger, first of all you must sign it and then follow these steps:

  1. On your inbox, click the name of the account and then select ¨Modify Profile¨.

  2. A new page will be opened where you must select ¨Messenger Profile¨

  3. Press ¨Modify¨ where ¨Contacts info¨ is displayed

  4. A new flange is opened. Click on ¨Shared with: all Messenger friends¨

  5. A privacy page is opened. Click where it says ¨Some Messenger friends are those who aren´t on your list of) Limited Access¨

  6. On the first field you must write mail addresses of those who you don´t want to enter to your profile information. Then select ¨Limit access¨. To finish, return to your setup privacy page and mark the option ¨Some Messenger Friends… If you regret to include them on your list, select it and enter the access.

  7. This process can be done each time you add a contact you don´t know. You can also use this tool to keep your contacts safe and locate anyone. troubles made in China service suffered many fails after receiving a cyber attack coming from China. The attack happened on servers and although the situation is controlled and security accounts wasn´t affected, it is something to highlight. The attack was man-in-the-middle (MitM), system which intercepts sent messages between two or more users.


Most of the fails were on connection accounts IMAP and SMTP, so users weren´t able to enter to their accounts but they were adviced by a message that said:¨Server identity can´t be checked¨. pages and didn´t suffer many inconvenients.

Gmail service also received a similar attack not so long ago, but it was blocked by Chinesse government. Journalists suspects that could have the same luck. Continue reading

Add info to my profile

When you have created an account, you were asked to enter some personal data for your profile. By doing this, your contacts are able to know when it´s your birthday, city you live, etc.


As time passed, many fields were added to make a richer profile. Now you can add phone numbers, name of your couple and other mail addresses.

Work information is also a field you can fill. Mail account is still the most common way of communications for companies and industries, therefore, it is very important to enter info on your profile. There you can add the name of the company you work for, what you do there, and fax or phone numbers.

All this info can be seen by any contact you have. Here are the steps to add info to your profile: Continue reading

Chat messenges saved on

Usually mailbox shows each message, but lets you group them according to the subject on a same Chat. Sent emails and answers will be displayed together on a page. Therefore, you can follow clearly the conversation in one page. This way of grouping all the messages lets you save many steps at the time of checking emails on inbox.


On inbox, grouped emails will have a mark that shows the number of messages that integrates the chat. By default, shows them one by one. Here´s a tutorial to setup your account to group messages by chat:

 First of all sign in account and then:

  1. On inbox, click on setup wheel, and then select ¨Options¨
  2. On ¨Options¨ go to ¨Read email¨ and click on ¨Group by chat and preload messages¨
  3. To finish, mark ¨Group messages by chat¨ and click on ¨Save¨.

 We hope this tutorial turns useful for you.


Best browsers

Browsers list is constantly renewed to get the best experience. Usually, this list has lattest browser versions. Explorer could be the ideal browser because it is designed by the same company which developed the mail (Microsoft), therefore, compatibility is guaranteed. However, we must say that performance is not different from the rest.


Best browser is the one you agree most. Anyone you choose, keep it updated and clean from caches.

Most visual problems are attached to the cause of the browser. For example, with an old browser you can´t use Skype on because the necessary complement to make calls and videocalls only works with lattest browser versions.

Here´s a list of recommended browsers:

On Windows Vista systems and upper ( Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1) we suggest to use  IE9 or upper versions.

You can also use Google Chrome 35 or upper and also Mozilla Firefox 35 or upper.

For Mac pc ,OS X 10.6 or upper is highly recommended:

Google Chrome 35 or upper versions

Mozilla Firefox 35 or upper

Safari 5.1 or upper





How to block senders analyses which user´s functions are most used and let them do it with improves. Block function es available and has an own button on the task bar on the upper side of not wished folder mails.


On not wished folder mails appear all the e-mails you can block forever. Just follow the instructions. First of all, sign in account. Then go to not wished emails and select the sender´s name of the contact you want to block. After that, press Block on the task bar. A window will be opened and then select ¨Block all¨.

That´s all the process you need to know in order to block senders.

Setup Messenger Privacy options on

To setup Messenger Privacy options on, follow these steps:


First of all, you must sign in and then:

  1. On inbox, click on yur name or account name and then select ¨Modify Profile¨
  2. Then click on ¨Messenger Profile¨
  3. A new flange will be opened. Click on ¨Modify¨
  4. To enter to Messenger Privacy Setup, click on ¨Shared with:…¨
  5. On Privacy options you can select who are allowed to see your Profile and who can get in touch to you. To select different options, slide the bar coursor. The option ¨Some Messenger friends¨ refers to contacts who aren´t on the limited access list. People you include on the list won´t be able to access to your Profile information.

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Check your recent activity on

Recent activity on can be registered on your account. You might know all the activities on the list. Most common is ¨Right sign in session¨ If you have any doubt about this sign in session, just check the time it was donw, from whom pc was already made (IP address), place, used OS and browser. If any of this data doesn´t match with your sign in session, click on ¨It wasn´t me¨ Microsoft will bring you support so you can change your password and security information of your account.


Other common activities are ¨Security Challenge and wrong password¨. You must be very aware, however, they are probably involved with own activites. It is very common writing a wrong password.

Many activities easier to find out are displayed on the list. You will find that it is you or person who entered the account. Continue reading